Beauty and the Beast is one of Disney's most beloved animated features for many reasons, but one of the chief reasons is the music. Before the new film brings us its versions of these classic tunes, let's look back at the original ones that we fell in love with. While there really isn't a bad song in the 1991 Beauty and the Beast, there must be a best one, but which one is it?

Beauty and the Beast saw three of its songs get nominated for the Best Original Song Academy Award, but did the right one win? We're going to rank every song from the original theatrical release of Beauty and the Beast. Let's get started.

8. The Mob Song

Let's start at the end. The last song we hear in Beauty and the Beast is called "The Mob Song" and it focuses on Gaston riling up the villagers in order to get them to help him attack the Beast's castle. Then the action shifts to the castle, and the servants all pick up the song as they prepare for the attack. There's nothing really wrong with the tune, it doesn't do anything wrong. It just doesn't have the magic that so many of the other songs so instantly have. Its biggest problem is that it ends the movie. Other than hearing the title song again, we don't get any other music in the film. Which is too bad, because it doesn't really end the movie on a high note.

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