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Why Michael Bay Decided To Stick With The Transformers Franchise

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If you've been keeping tabs on Transformers: The Last Knight, you may already know that Michael Bay has once again been touting the idea that he will be done with the franchise after the fifth movie. As this isn't the first time the famous director has expressed this sentiment, the real interesting news is what actually helped Bay to commit to the upcoming movie. Luckily, he recently answered that question, stating it had to do with the terrific writers on the movie coming together to create a couple of good ideas. Michael Bay said:

I was going to walk away from this franchise. I proposed to Paramount, I said listen, 'Every time we do one of these movies we have to roll the rock back up the hill and we need a real writers room,' and so we had 14 great writers; we put them through Transformers school; we locked them in a room for about a month at Paramount with 10,000 images from the franchise surrounded by props and life-size Bumblebee, it just stared them in the face.

Based on what Michael Bay said at CinemaCon, he was the person who reached out to Paramount about Transformers: The Last Knight, and his big condition for coming back for another movie involved getting the correct writing staff. He also mentioned on the red carpet for the movie, per, that his writing staff came up with at least two good story ideas and then he and Steven Spielberg took those stories and then worked to mash them together, calling the end result "fresh."

The final product was written by Ken Nolan, who wrote Black Hawk Down, and Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, who wrote Iron Man. By now, we've seen trailers for Transformers: The Last Knight and we also have a good inkling regarding what the upcoming movie will be about. The movie will pick up with the war between the humans and the Transformers in full force. Optimus Prime is still floating in space, and in his stead the Last Knight will work to bring peace between the two sides. Which should look something like this:

We already know plenty about the upcoming Transformers film, but we'll be able to see the high-octane drama when Transformers: The Last Knight hits theaters on June 23, 2017, and is (probably) (maybe) Michael Bay's last movie on the franchise. You can take a look at what the famous director may be working on next, or check out our full movies release schedule.

Jessica Rawden
Jessica Rawden

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