The Lion King Shouldn't Be A Musical

It seems obvious to make The Lion King a full musical in the same way that Beauty and the Beast is. The audience looking to scratch that nostalgia itch is essentially the same one, since the films only came out a few years apart. But Disney needs to be very careful here. The Jungle Book showed (and has the Oscar to prove it) that Disney can make realistic and believable animals with CGI, but in that film, they were all supporting characters, and while they did sing, it wasn't much. One of the bigger criticisms about Beauty and the Beast was that the CGI characters were difficult to relate to, which made the songs fall flat. Making a version of the film that hinges on the songs working means that if they don't... the movie dies. The word that the studio is courting Beyonce would certainly indicate they're looking to go the musical route, but maybe just have her sing a song over the credits?

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