The Lion King Remake Wants Beyonce For A Key Role

If you're an animated Disney movie that was released before 2000, then chances are that the House of Mouse is eager to give you the live action treatment. Walt Disney Studios has a lot of remakes coming down the pipeline in the coming years, including The Lion King, which will follow in the The Jungle Book's footsteps and go for a hyper-realistic feel rather than be legitimately live action. The new Lion King started building its cast last month, and today brings work that Disney is looking at Beyonce to play this version's Nala.

Beyonce is reportedly Disney's top choice to voice Nala in The Lion King remake, which is being directed by Jon Favreau, who also helmed the new Jungle Book. The popular singer hasn't made a decision about whether she wants to accept the role or not because of her pregnancy, but Variety's sources say that the studio and Favreau are willing to make whatever accommodations necessary so she can join the project. If Beyonce lends her voice talents to The Lion King, she would be joining a cast that so far consists of Donald Glover as the adult Simba and James Earl Jones reprising Mufasa.

Nala in the animated Lion King

While primarily known for her practically legendary singing career, Beyonce has a decent filmography established, starting in 2001 as the lead in the TV movie Carmen: A Hip Hopera. Her other credits include Austin Powers: Goldmember, The Fighting Temptations, the 2006 Pink Panther remake, Dreamgirls, Cadillac Records and Obsessed. Movie-wise, she last lent her voice to 2013's Epic, so joining The Lion King would mark her grand return to the big screen.

Nala certainly qualifies as one of The Lion King's biggest characters. Originally voiced by Moira Kelly (with Sally Dworsky handling singing duties) in the 1994 animated hit, Nala was Simba's best friend on Pride Rock when they were kids, and after reuniting with Simba as an adult, she brought him back to his old home and slowly became his romantic interest. Casting Beyonce would be an excellent score for The Lion King remake, as not only does she have some acting experience, but her voice would be a powerful addition to the movie's musical numbers.

The Lion King was one of Disney's biggest successes during the Renaissance period in the late '80s to late '90s, earning almost universal acclaim and earning nearly $970 million worldwide. Like Beauty and the Beast, the remake is expected to stay relatively faithful to the original story, and Jon Favreau will shoot it back to back with The Jungle Book 2. Jeff Nathanson is penning the script.

The Lion King doesn't have an officially announced release date yet, but the movie is being "fast tracked" and production is reportedly beginning in May. Do you think Beyonce is a good choice to voice Nala? Let us know in the comments below.

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