Fairy tales. They are among the oldest stories that survive in our culture. They are some of the earliest stories that we hear, and the ones that we remember. Beginning in 1937 and running more or less to the present day, Walt Disney Animation began to turn many of these classic tales into feature films. Since then, multiple generations have grown up with these films, and for many audience members, Disney has made the definitive version of these ageless stories. At this point, the definition of the term "fairy tale" is essentially, "An animated movie made by the Walt Disney Company."

Now that Disney has turned every story ever written into an animated feature, they've now begun to remake each of them as a live action film, as well. However, most of these stories are so old that they're in the public domain, and Disney isn't the only studio that noticed how much money fairy tale movies can make. This means that not only are there more fairy tale films in development than you can count, in several cases, there are multiple studios working on the same property. How can you keep it all straight? Here's every single fairy tale movie we could track down (that we're not sure isn't dead). Clear your calendars!

Jungle Book

Didn't we just see The Jungle Book? Oh right, this is a different one. Previously Jungle Book: Origins, the film has apparently been retitled as simply Jungle Book. While Disney's version used simple computer animation, Origins will be using full motion capture to try to bring a new level of life and expression to the characters. To that end, Warner Bros. hired a motion capture expert, Andy Serkis, to direct the film as well as play the role of Baloo the bear. Waiting more than two years after Disney's try will hopefully be enough time for people to want to see this story again.

Release Date: October 18, 2018

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