Ghost In The Shell entered into cinemas with a whimper over the weekend, as a mixture of poor reviews and negative energy over the casting of Scarlett Johansson combined to leave audiences disinterested. After grossing just $18.7 million at the U.S. box office so far, there's little to no chance of the film kick starting a franchise as originally planned.

So where did Ghost In The Shell, which admittedly was overflowing with slick, stunning visuals and boasted a fine leading performance from Scarlett Johansson, go wrong? Well, here are four mistakes that Ghost In The Shell made that stopped the film from being entertaining, let alone a success.

The Movie's Tediously Plotted

Ghost In The Shell seems to wear the term "all style, no substance" as a badge of honor. Director Rupert Sanders and cinematographer Jess Hall deserve credit for creating an alluring and captivating film to behold, which makes it doubly disappointing that what they do with it is so utterly tedious. We're not given enough depth and details surrounding the growth and prevalence of cybernetics, while the plots of Scarlett Johansson searching for both the supposed villain Hideo Kuze (Michael Pitt) and her true identity are presented in such a cold and ho-hum fashion that you never once feel invested. In fact, because it's so dull, you end up letting the plot pass you by completely and instead focus on (and wallow in) the gorgeous visuals. But after a while even that gets boring, and by the time you return your attention to Ghost In The Shell's actual plot, you've long become bored and instead are counting down the minutes until it's finally over.

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