A series as legendary as Star Wars tends to generate as many opinions as it does fans. So naturally, this leads to a multitude of rankings as to which films are better and which films are worse. But, if there's any sort of "definitive" ranking system, it's sure that of the number of times each film has been seen, and recently Amazon put together a ranking of the most-streamed Star Wars content on the subscription service this year. Through the data provided by the company itself, we have what just might be the most accurate Star Wars pecking order, according to the fans. With that in mind, here are all eight entries of that galaxy far, far away, in ranked order.

8. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

We know, it's kind of shocking to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story at the bottom of the rankings. But there's a good explanation for why Gareth Edwards' blockbuster mid-quel is at the bottom of the pile: It's the freshest of the lot. With the film just coming out in theaters last December, and its Digital release occurring this March, it's understandable that the film just hasn't had enough time to rack up the views that could put it in a higher ranking in years to come. After all, fans and critics seem to herald Rogue One as a franchise revelation of sorts. Still, the bottom of the barrel kind of sucks, considering some of the other films included in the Star Wars canon. In fact, if the next film was the true bottom of the stack, it'd feel a little better.

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