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It's been a few days since we learned that Universal is moving forward with its Madonna biopic Blonde Ambition. The project was on the famous blacklist prior to Universal's announcement, and plenty of people are interested in seeing it move forward. Madonna is certainly not one of those people however, and she's spent the last few days musing about why the project should not be made. In fact, she followed up her initial posts with one that indicates she feels it is her life and her prerogative to talk about it... not someone else's.

Madonna believes that it is "her life" and she should be able to share it with the public when she pleases and not when other people feel like it. The post above directly correlates to one she made a few days ago when she called those behind the biopic "charlatan[s]" and "fool[s]." Blonde Ambition is expected to look at Madonna's pre-fame days spent in Michigan, and that doesn't seem to be a story the singer and performer would prefer to have told, at least without permission from herself.

There are a lot of people who have seen their lives splashed onscreen during biopics such as these. Lifetime is a huge fan of bringing up drama related to TV casts with The Unauthorized Full House and Saved By The Bell movies. The People V. O.J. Simpson recounted a story filled with plenty of people who are still alive today. Heck, there are actually a slew of unauthorized Madonna biographies out there, including mass market paperbacks by Christopher Andersen, Douglas Thompson, David James and more.

The difference between the above projects and the unauthorized Madonna movie is theoretically the audience it could attain. Movies are still a big deal around the world and help to inform our impressions of people in the stories that are told--especially in the stories about real-life people. While a lot of historically relevant movies do strive to be accurate or to at least tell people the flicks are based on a real-life story and not necessarily wholly accurate, Madonna clearly would prefer a movie about her to highlight aspects of her life she has personally approved. I'd expect a lot of kabbalah and exercising tips in that case.

The "Material Girl" singer may not get what she wants in this case. The movie, written by Elyse Hollander, is still in the early stages of development, but Universal is a pretty big studio to have attached. Hopefully, this one won't go the way of that Sacha Baron Cohen Freddie Mercury biopic. Or according to Madonna herself, hopefully it will.

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