The following contains spoilers for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Go see the film, then come back.

Guy's Ritchie's King Arthur: Legend of The Sword is exactly as off the wall as you would expect a Guy Ritchie King Arthur movie would be. It wasn't without its charm, though it must be said a lot of that charm came from other places. While watching this weekend's King Arthur film, I couldn't help but notice all the moments the film had that seemed strikingly familiar.

I'm still not sure if King Arthur: Legend of the Sword qualifies as a good movie, but it certainly qualified as a fun one. Of course, part of that may be all the title touches that the film seemed to borrow from other great fantasy films. Did anybody else watch King Arthur and find themselves thinking of other movies? Here are the ones that came to mind, for us.

Skull Helmets

Initially, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword doesn't fully explain what happened to Arthur's father Uther. Then, in a later flashback sequence, we discover that he was killed by a swordsman who either has a skull for a helmet, or possibly a face. All I could see when I looked at that was General Kael, the leader of the evil army in Ron Howard's Willow. Here, the skull is clearly a mask, and it's white instead of black, but it's hard to argue that the two characters don't look remarkably alike. When they're mounted on horseback, especially, they could be brothers.

Rodents of Unusual Size

One of the greatest fantasy movies ever is unquestionably The Princess Bride. One of the most famous scenes in that film is when Westley and Buttercup enter the fire swamp and are attacked by the Rodents of Unusual Size (R.O.U.S.s). So it was humorous to see Arthur enter his own fire swamp in this movie, called the Darklands, and see him attacked by his own giant rodents. They're not nearly as big as the R.O.U.S.s, to be sure, but they're larger than your average rat and they're perfectly capable of leaping long distances to bit off Arthur's face.

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