The Princess Bride Is Getting Kicked Off Of Netflix

Carey Elwes and Robin Wright in The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride is a movie that, much like the storybook inside the film, fans could experience again and again and again. Unfortunately, doing so is about to become a little bit more complicated for many. Every month streaming service Netflix adds some new content to their site while removing numerous TV series and films who are seeing their distribution contracts come to an end. It turns out that is about to happen to The Princess Bride.

Today Netflix released their list of content changes that will be taking place during the month of April. It revealed that The Princess Bride will be one of several films to be leaving the streaming service on April 1. While certainly there will be plenty of content coming on to Netflix to replace it, it's hard to say that anything could replace The Princess Bride in the hearts of viewers.

The Princess Bride wasn't much of a hit when it first debuted in theaters, even if you're old enough to have seen the movie in the theater you probably did not, but it was seemingly found by everybody at once when it was released on home video. It achieved a level of cult status that has become so massive since then that you really can't even call it a cult hit anymore, it's just a hit. It's the sort of movie that you can watch over and over and we're guessing that with it so readily available on Netflix that a lot of people did just that.

There are so many great scenes in The Princess Bride that it's almost impossible to agree on which part of the movie is the best. Whether you like the daring sword fights, chases, or escapes, there's something here for everybody. Though I have to lean toward this all too underrated exchange which makes me laugh every time.

Most people probably own a DVD or Blu-Ray copy of the movie, it's one of those films that's seemingly in every collection, but with streaming services making movie watching so easy one begins to wonder just how many people even keep their DVD collection close at hand. If you still own the film on a disc there's a good chance that disc is in a box in a closet someplace.

The Princess Bride seems to be another casualty of Netflix's growing focus on their own original content. The company has created so many new series and movies that it is clear that other popular films are simply not a major concern anymore. We're all for having great new movies but as fans of all movies, it pains us every time we lose access to a great classic like this.

On the bright side, April 1 is still over a week away, which means there's still plenty of time to watch The Princess Bride again, at least once more before it disappears.

Dirk Libbey
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