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If Early Box Office Predictions Hold True, The Mummy Could Be In Trouble

Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis in The Mummy

It's been nine years since a Mummy movie was last released in theaters, but rather than revisit the swashbuckling world where Brendan Frasier was running about, Universal opted to go the reboot route. This Friday, The Mummy will introduce the latest take on the ancient Egyptian monster, and will set up the wider Dark Universe in the process. Last month it was projected that The Mummy would make between $40-42 million domestically on its opening weekend, but now that estimate has decreased to $35 million domestically.

Despite The Mummy being one of the biggest blockbusters opening this summer, it's currently forecasted to take second place in the domestic box office haul this weekend, with Wonder Woman retaining the #1 spot following its impressive debut this past weekend. While these predictions aren't always 100% accurate, a $35 million opening in the United States is especially low for something on The Mummy's scale. However, THR has heard from Universal insiders that The Mummy is expected to perform well internationally, as the movie is opening in most major markets this weekend too, and Tom Cruise remains a "huge draw." The movie has already opened in South Korea and snagged the biggest opening day for that country with $6.6 million.

There's a lot riding on The Mummy to be financially successful, and not just because it cost $125 million to make (and that's not including marketing and advertising). The Mummy is also launching the Dark Universe, which will include entries like Bride of Frankenstein, The Wolfman and The Creature from the Black Lagoon. If The Mummy bombs at the box office, it may force the studio to alter its plans for the franchise, and a $35 million opening in the United States, while not a complete disaster, doesn't bode well for its overall performance. For right now, it sounds like this could be one of those movies that doesn't necessarily do well stateside, but will make up for that internationally, much like how the Transformers series usually performs. It also helps that The Mummy is the only blockbuster opening this weekend, so it won't face much competition from smaller fare like It Comes At Night and Megan Leavey.

The Mummy will follow Tom Cruise's Nick Morton battling Sofia Boutella's Princess Ahmanet, an Egyptian princess who will be awakened in the present day and unleash her dark magic on the world as vengeance for having her royal birthright taken from her millennia ago. The main cast also includes Annabelle Wallis as Jenny Halsey, Jake Johnson as Sergeant Chris Vail, Courtney B. Vance as Colonel Greenway and Russell Crowe as Dr. Henry Jekyll, whose organization, Prodigium, will serve as the main connective thread between all the Dark Universe movies.

The Mummy opens in theaters this Friday, and stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more news on the Dark Universe franchise as it creeps in.

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