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With Wonder Woman's success at the box office, it's no surprise that the DCEU is already looking at the future of the character, including a sequel. However, while it might seem like a given to hire Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins for round 2, the paperwork hasn't been signed yet and Warner Bros. and Patty Jenkins are still considering a deal. Regardless, if you want to know how Patty Jenkins feels about directing Wonder Woman 2, you need look no further than some recent comments she made to Conan O'Brien. She said:

We're working on it. I hope to. I love it. I love the world. And we're all really excited about it.

Every once and awhile, a director isn't interested in taking on a sequel to a movie, so it's pretty reassuring that she's so intensely excited about returning to the world of Wonder Woman whenever DC greenlights Wonder Woman 2. Still, a couple of days ago, it seemed like it would be a given that Patty Jenkins would direct the sequel to the movie that is currently in theaters, and then we learned the studio had only signed her to a one-movie deal. Therefore, nothing is currently guaranteed.

While that may seem like bad news, it could actually end up being fruitful for Patty Jenkins. Before Wonder Woman, DC and Warner Bros. were really taking a chance on a director who hadn't directed a feature film in the years after Monster was released in 2003. With Wonder Woman dominating box offices worldwide, Patty Jenkins actually has a bigger bargaining chip now if she wants to sign on for a second DC movie, and from what she said on Conan, it sounds like she does.

So far, we have no idea what Patty Jenkins' involvement will be within the DCEU, but there have been rumblings from some people who think she might be a good fit for other properties, as well. I wouldn't be mad if we saw a whole lot more from Patty Jenkins in the future, but for now I'd be happy to hear her sign the dotted line on Wonder Woman 2 and I'd be equally happy if the sequel got a release date. After all, DC has announced a slew of projects that are in the works, but not a lot of them have concrete release dates at this point. We don't even have an idea of when we are getting films like Batgirl or even--and especially--The Flash, and it would be nice to get some real dates on the calendar just so we know what we have to look forward to.

Hopefully, we'll get an update on Patty Jenkins' role soon. In the meantime, you can catch Wonder Woman in theaters now and Justice League later this year. Here's what we know about the upcoming movie.

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