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The DC Extended Universe has had their first bonafide win last weekend, as Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman hit theaters. The first female-led superhero movie was met with positive critical reception, while also making tons of money at the box office- essentially burying the new Mummy movie in its second weekend. Much of the praise revolving around Wonder Woman has been regarding Jenkins' fantastic job directing, and now fans of the DCEU are hoping she'll return for more movies. And while she'll likely be back for Wonder Woman 2, Jenkins recently revealed which superhero would be her second choice to direct: Superman.

Patty Jenkins recently did a Reddit AMA, where fans were able to ask the acclaimed director about her various projects. When asked which other DC hero she'd like to direct, Jenkins revealed her choice (although Wonder Woman is enough of a commitment for the time being):

It's no secret that I love Superman but right now I'm just happy doing Wonder Woman.

Do you hear that? Its the sound of DC fans collectively cheering at the prospect of a Patty Jenkins helmed Man of Steel film. Sorry, Zack Snyder.

Patty Jenkins has made her love for Superman no secret while doing the press rounds for Wonder Woman. In fact, she even included an obvious nod to Christopher Reeve-led 1978 film in Wonder Woman. While in a street scuffle, Diana saved Steve Trevor from a bullet in a vein similar to how Clark Kent caught a bullet to save Lois in Superman.

The Wonder Woman director has also stated that she loves Superman's hopeful and courageous message. In a Hollywood climate that is eager to bring gritty realism to superhero properties, Patty Jenkins used Superman as a reference to the tone of her film. And while Wonder Woman was not without its tragedy and drama, Diana's empathy and hopefulness allowed for a thoroughly enjoyable moviegoing experience.

Of course, it's not likely that Patty Jenkins would ever actually direct a Superman movie. Heading one massive franchise is a hard enough job, and she'll be unable to enter a press junket for other projects without having to speak about the future of Wonder Woman. Additionally, Zack Snyder was behind the camera for Man of Steel, so it seems likely that the divisive director would want to stay at the helm for any possible sequels.

Additionally, Wonder Woman is almost a polar opposite to Man of Steel's morose tone. So while Patty Jenkins jumping into the franchise to brighten up the place seems ideal considering Zack Snyder's shortcomings, it would make the overall franchise seem a bit disjointed. If Jenkins is ever going to direct a Superman movie, it likely wouldn't be apart of the DCEU, and therefore wouldn't be happening anytime soon.

You can currently catch Wonder Woman in theaters, and she and Superman will reunite when Zack Snyder's Justice League arrives in theaters on November 17th. In the meantime, check our 2017 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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