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Who The Live Action Aladdin Movie Might Be Looking At To Play Jafar


Tom Hardy Mad Max

Disney's Aladdin will be one of the studio's next animated classics to see a live action adaptation. Now, a new rumor has surfaced regarding who Guy Ritchie may be looking at to play the villain. While we're going to take this rumor with a significant grain of salt, it's being reported that Tom Hardy has been approached by director Guy Ritchie to play Jafar, the Royal Vizier to the Sultan of Agrabah, and while nothing has been decided, Hardy is apparently one of the director's top choices for the part.

The rumor is being reported by The Sun in the UK and the sources are anonymous, thus we can't be sure there's much to lend credence to this rumor. Still, if it is true, it's an interesting choice and a fairly big get if Guy Ritchie actually does make it happen, assuming he's actually interested in making it happen. For whatever it's worth, the rumor seems to believe that the role belongs to Hardy if he wants it, scheduling is the only thing that might keep him from signing on. We're guessing it may the scheduling against his new Venom project which could be the issue.

If Tom Hardy is considering taking on the role of Jafar, it wouldn't be the worst choice in the world. While we've never seen Hardy play a role quite like a Disney villain, that may be a good thing. Hardy can certainly play the bad guy, but the fact that he'd likely play the role very differently could mean that we could see a significantly different interpretation of Aladdin. This is probably good, as the closer to the animated version the live-action film tries to be, the more people will be thinking of Robin Williams and not the new movie. Rumors have indicated that Will Smith is potentially the one Disney is looking at to take over the role of the Genie. Like Hardy, it's not a bad choice, as Smith can certainly bring a lot of personality to the role, but it would be a very different personality than that of Robin Williams.


In addition to the Tom Hardy news, The Sun is also reporting that the top candidate for the role of Princess Jasmine is currently, Jade Thirlwall, a member of the British girl group Little Mix. Indications had been that the film was looking for unknowns for the roles of Aladdin and Jasmine, and while Thirlwall, doesn't exactly qualify as unknown, she's only really known in the UK and this would be her first big screen acting role.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend as we'll let you know if there's anything to these rumors. Guy Ritchie's live action Aladdin is currently without an official release date, though Disney has carved out several potential options over the next few years.

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