Make no mistake, 2017 seems to be the year of Stephen King, with The Dark Tower in theaters now, and projects like IT, Mr. Mercedes and Gerald's Game all landing in front of his eager fans throughout the remainder of the year. And as always, the thoughts of King fans turn back to their favorite tales that deserve a fresh coat of paint, despite already being adapted into a filmed medium.

Some of these stories are always ripe for updating in a modern context, while others deserve a healthy helping of justice after a sub-par first time out. However, all of them have the potential to be extremely entertaining, and seriously disturbing, looks into the #sharedKINGdom.

Needful Things

For a concept as rich as Needful Things, the original film version hasn't exactly aged with grace. Come to think of it, the film kind of landed with a thud in its first incarnation to begin with. But if Rick and Morty can distill the concept into a memorable episode, then surely the story of a small town being overpowered by a seductive evil is ready for a more modern take. Though if there's a possibility to draft Alfred Molina to play the role he helped Dan Harmon lampoon on Adult Swim, then this flick would already be off to a good start.

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