The Dark Tower Will Feature An Epic Easter Egg, According To Stephen King


Fans of Stephen King's Dark Tower series know that the books act as a sort of hub for all of Stephen King's other creations. The movie will be no different. We've already seen several Stephen King easter eggs in the trailer for the new Dark Tower movie, and now Stephen King himself has revealed one more that eagle-eyed viewers will notice, the author's favorite easter egg in the film is an appearance by the rabid St. Bernard Cujo.

If viewers who are familiar with my work look very closely, they might see Cujo. Keep an eye out for Cujo in New York City.

Stephen King's novel Cujo, which itself was turned into a film in 1983, is a fairly simple story about a family that is terrorized by their own dog after the dog is bitten by a bat and infected with rabies. The book is entirely without supernatural elements, which does make it a bit unusual among the works of Stephen King. That apparently won't prevent the character from making an appearance in the very fantastical Dark Tower. Stephen King was careful not to reveal any spoilers to IGN, so exactly how Cujo will appear is unclear. There are any number of ways it could happen.

At it's most simple, the easter egg could simply be a St. Bernard on the streets of new York City. We'd assume the camera would at least linger on the dog for a moment, the same way it does on a photo of the Overlook Hotel in the trailer. If the dog has any blood stains on him, that would certainly enhance the image. The dog is a killer after all. Of course, it's also possible that King's reference could be one, not to the character of Cujo, but to the book Cujo itself. He doesn't actually specify that we will see a dog and Stephen King's books themselves are actually an important part of the Dark Tower saga in the novels.

The setup of The Dark Tower is that the tower is the lynchpin that holds together all possible worlds, we see two of the worlds in the trailer, the New York that Jake comes from, and the Mid-World that is the home of Roland, the Gunslinger. However, there are actually an infinite number of possible worlds and each of Stephen King's stories takes place within one of them. The opportunity for easter eggs is nearly limitless and there's no telling just how many there are in the film. Of course, the idea is that this movie will be the first of many, so hopefully, they're saving some for use in the future.

We'll be keeping our eyes open when The Dark Tower hits theaters August 4.

Dirk Libbey
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