Step Brothers Review Claiming It's OK For Kids Was Probably Written By A Kid

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One thing that is factual about the internet--whether this is good or bad--is that any asshole can air his or her opinion via a variety of different forums. This is true of kids, too, and a recent social media post highlights a Step Brothers review that attempts to write from an adult perspective before accidentally giving away that he is a kid. You can check out the funny review, below.

Step Brothers is a very funny movie. I am a very protective parent of my two children (ages 14 and 16). I let my 14 year old watch this movie on his 13th birthday because he is a very mature kid. If your kid shows maturity, then I think that this is an appropriate movie for 13 and up. If he does not show vast amounts of maturity, wait until he is 14.

In a seemingly genius ploy for what seems to be a middle school-aged kid, there's a Step Brothers review that is going viral that features a "parent" talking about when they found Step Brothers to be an appropriate movie. The ages mentioned are 13 and 14 and the gender of the kid is a boy, so it seems like a middle school-aged kid really wants his parents to let him watch the Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly comedy. He gives himself away, later, when he mentions the following, spelling is the reviewer's own:

There is quite a bit of sexual references in this movie. The only nudity is when Brenen rubs is testicals over Dale's drum set, but you can fast forward through that part for your kid. There is around 50 f-words in Step Brothers. If you are worried about the language, trust me, your kid hears more then 50 f-words a day at school. If you are worried about your kid starting to swear after watching this movie, then sign a contract with your kid saying if you here him swear, you get to take away something of his.

The funny review on Common Sense Media has been picked up and gone viral on social media in recent weeks, and we have to say it cracks us up. The review only left one other review, for 21 Jump Street, which also focuses on the swearing in that movie. I suppose there's always the possibility this was written by an adult without a firm grasp of spelling and grammar, but the way this is written closely resembles certain things that a kid would say and think. Whatever the truth, it's a really funny review.

Of course, this Step Brothers info is pretty relevant right now, as it is coming at a time when Will Ferrell recently revealed an idea he actually has held onto for a while about a potential Step Brothers 2. He said he initially wanted to do a whole story in which he and John C. Reilly's characters would follow their parents to a retirement home. While a sequel isn't currently in the works, it's still pretty fun to think about--especially regarding what reviews would come out related to that potential movie. If you'd like to see what recent movies are actually OK for your kids, check out CinemaBlend's guide.

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