Will Ferrell Jokes About Forcing Elf On His Kids During Christmas

Will Ferrell Elf Buddy

In the pantheon of Will Ferrell's comedic work, Elf stands apart from films like Step Brothers or Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy because of how genuinely heartfelt and festive it feels. The story of Buddy the Elf finding his home has become a go-to holiday film for many families, and it looks like that might even be the case in the Ferrell household. In fact, the comedian recently made a sarcastic remark about forcing his kids to watch Elf while promoting the release of Daddy's Home 2, and we wouldn't force that on anyone. Referring the chaos of Christmas morning, Ferrell joked:

I think it's always chaotic. There's a lot of screaming and yelling and complaining as to when they get to open their presents. And then it's a mad---I think they each get way too many presents each. We have three boys. And they are opened in 12 minutes. Then, [sarcastically] yeah I force them to watch Elf, 10 times. Ten straight times. It's a marathon, yeah. And then you get to open a present.

Look, we all love Elf, but if Will Ferrell honestly went through with his recent joke to E! about forcing his kids to watch it, then that would be enough to make anyone hate the film. Will Ferrell clearly seemed to be joking with his remarks, but it also seemed to come from a place of humorous frustration over how quickly his kids burn through their gifts on an average Christmas morning. Something tells us that this idea popped into his head at least once before the interviewer suggested the idea; at least it's better than showing them Bewitched.

Of course, and this is just my personal opinion, I would watch Elf ten times on Christmas only to watch Will Ferrell scream "Santa!" at the top of his lungs.

For those of you who have never seen Elf (shame on you), the 2003 holiday comedy stars Will Ferrell as Buddy, a human who finds himself brought to the North Pole by Santa Claus when he accidentally stows away in St. Nick's sleigh. Growing up working in Santa's workshop, Buddy eventually learns that the's not one of the elves (for some reason his height never gave that away), and he ventures to New York City to meet his father (James Caan). Along the way, he falls in love with a young woman named Jovie (Zoey Deschanel) and brings Christmas cheer to a harsh and cynical New York.

Elf remains one of Will Ferrell's most iconic and beloved comedies, but make sure to catch his latest Christmas comedy with Daddy's Home 2, which is now in theaters.

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