The Oscars Are Starting Earlier This Year

Jimmy Kimmel Oscars Promo video screenshot

The Oscars are one of the few programs that air on TV each year that air live from coast to coast, occasionally leading to riveting La La Land-type snafus. This year there will be a big change for everyone watching at home. In order to keep people from yawning too heavily, ABC will be airing the Oscars a little bit earlier this year. Yep, the Oscars will start at 8 p.m. ET and 5 p.m. PT when they air on Sunday, March 4.

Since the Oscars broadcast is being pushed up, it stands to reason that the pre-show on ABC--and perhaps some of the other major channels running content--will also be pushed up. Per ABC, The Oscars pre-show will kick off at 6:30 ET and 3:30 PT, please do the math if you are on Central or Mountain Time. The program will run for 90 minutes. Jimmy Kimmel will be back as the host of the main event, and Michael DeLuca and Jennifer Todd will be producing the big broadcast.

It's tough to say exactly why ABC is shifting the 90th Acadamy Awards ceremony to an earlier timeslot. Potentially, this could be to allow the Oscars to run longer or to play off long speeches less often. It could be to cut out a little early so that the audience doesn't give up before the Best Picture Winner is announced. No matter the reason, if you've been an avid Oscars watcher for years, you should note the time change, lest you tune in after the first few awards have been given out. Also, you might miss Kimmel's monologue, but that may or may not be a disaster, depending on your tastes in hosts.

While we still have a few months before the Oscars actually air, we'll actually be getting the nominations relatively soon. Those announcements are going to be made on January 23. Of course, we still need to get through the holidays, first, and there are plenty of Oscar hopefuls coming out over the next few weeks. Those including big movies like Molly's Game, The Post, Downsizing, Phantom Thread and All The Money in the World. We'll let you know how each of these flicks fare once they make their big debuts. In the meantime, you can take a look at what else is coming with our full movies premiere schedule.

As for the Oscars on ABC, be sure to tune in on Sunday, March 4--which is fittingly 90 days from now--to catch the big movie awards show, which is airing live from The Dolby Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center. Hopefully there will be no giant snafus this time around; that is, unless you are a fan of all the drama.

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