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p.t. anderson's phantom thread will not be on netflix

In Hollywood, there seem to be a myriad of options about Netflix. Some directors like working with the subscription streaming service, and some directors have been vocal that they prefer big screen releases rather than the smaller screens offered by Netflix. Then there are directors like P.T. Anderson, who has admitted he uses the service... without paying for it. In a recent interview Anderson revealed:

The thing I like about Netflix is I've never paid for a day of Netflix in my life, I just have someone else's account and their password. It's free! Which is great. Which makes me wonder, how they hell are they paying for all these expensive movies? I've never paid them once.

In one of the most honest answers I've heard recently, P.T. Anderson has admitted he's an avid Netflix user who doesn't pay a dime for the service. This makes me wonder whose password the famed director is using. A family member? A neighbor? Some random dude he once worked on a movie with?

The question came as part of an interview with The Playlist, in which P.T. Anderson was asked how he felt about Netflix making changes in the movie and TV business. To which, P.T. Anderson seems to have quite a few vocal opinions.

While P.T. Anderson says he has used Netflix before, he doesn't seem to be a giant fan of what he calls "another supermarket with shit in it." He also says a big problem with the service is that he feels it almost never has stuff he's really excited about, saying,

Yeah, but Netflix never has the stuff I want to see. If they have the thing I want to watch, I'll watch It there. I don't care what [the service is] called as long as they have the shit I'm looking for. But that said, my kids watch it all the time. And my friend [Scott Frank] just made Godless which I haven't seen yet, but I will certainly watch.

So, while he does see issues with Netflix, he does use it on occasion and does seem to support the streaming service in some ways. Still, the inherent lack of content he would prefer to see could be why P.T. Anderson has made no move to set up a movie project over at Netflix or another streaming service, like Hulu or Amazon Prime. He's part of a wave of directors, including Christopher Nolan, who have been vocal about preferring the opportunities that a big screen release affords. Other directors, including Joon-ho Bong, Noah Baumbach, Angelina Jolie and many others have tried out projects over at Netflix, with a slew of different results. One of the next big projects heading to Netflix is Bright, coming from Suicide Squad director David Ayer.

The director is next set to release Phantom Thread, which stars Daniel Day-Lewis in what he has described as his final role. You can catch it in theaters on December 25.

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