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Out of the blue, as if it were just waiting for the right moment to come to Earth, The Cloverfield Paradox dropped on Netflix Sunday night following the Super Bowl. While we don't know the film's metrics of success just yet, it has the potential to become an instant blockbuster -- as the film was announced as a Netflix release only hours before its debut on the streaming platform. What can't be debated though is the fact that the film is one of the most divisive experiences in recent years, especially because of its adaptation from a pre-existing script known as God Particle.

There's been back and forth on the internet about just how good The Cloverfield Paradox actually is, and it's no surprise considering the film's retrofitting from an original script entitled God Particle definitely shows. Still, even while we recognized this in our official review, our writer had the following to say about the film in general:

The Cloverfield Paradox uses its duration efficiently, mixing thrills and heart into a cocktail that makes for an effectively surprising film.

That being said, this is certainly not an open and shut case in our offices, as well as around the internet, so we really want to hear what you, the reader, have to say about The Cloverfield Paradox. We'll start, as always, with the question portion of the show, where you are free to answer the following post-viewing questions in the Comments section. After seeing The Cloverfield Paradox, keep the following questions in mind:

How well do you think The Cloverfield Paradox fits into the mythos of the Cloverfield universe?

Do you think the film would have been better off as the separate project it was intended to be with God Particle?

Was there too much humor in the film's otherwise tense story?

What's your favorite entry in the Cloverfield universe so far?

Do you think Overlord is going to be the next Cloverfield movie? If so, do you want it to be?

How should the Cloverfield universe proceed from this point?

After answering those questions, it's time to rate your experience with The Cloverfield Paradox. On our scale of 0 to 5, log your vote for the film below, and feel free to explain what you gave and why.

How Many Stars Would You Give The Cloverfield Paradox?

And finally, before we head off into a parallel universe that deals with this week's theatrical releases, some extra enrichment reading is in order. Now in case you weren't sure how The Cloverfield Paradox fit in with the rest of the anthology, we have an in-depth feature that connects the dots with the evidence the series has given us thus far. But if you're a viewer that wasn't exactly thrilled with the Netflix Original, you can read our feature on all of the mistakes one of our writers felt the film had made in its brief running time. In both cases, some assistance might have been available if it wasn't for Star Wars: Episode IX, as J.J. Abrams apparently wanted to workshop The Cloverfield Paradox in post-production, but all of a sudden found himself in that galaxy far, far away.

The Cloverfield universe is only 10 years old, and it seems that it's still finding itself on the third movie out. But whatever your opinion on The Cloverfield Paradox, it should at least be said that this is one of the most innovative franchises when it comes to advertising and distribution. While this may be a lesser entry, it's still worth something, depending on how you look at it. But that's something everyone can discuss below, as it's time for us to wrap up this surprise instalment of Rate and Discuss. We'll see you again on Friday for the next big conversation starter of the month, and if you haven't seen the film or want to watch it again, The Cloverfield Paradox is currently available on Netflix.

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