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Fans of The Incredibles have been looking forward to a sequel for years, and later this year one is finally coming, but there might be a place to get a sneak peek before the movie comes out, at Disneyland. During the D23 Expo in Japan over the weekend it was revealed that when Disneyland's Paint the Night Parade makes its debut at Disney's California Adventure it will include a brand new float, one dedicated to Pixar's superhero family, and both the look at the float, and the description that comes with it, might mean it could act as a preview of how the new film will open, as the float will feature the Underminer. Check it out.

The incredibles float

The float shows the Parr family, plus Frozone, all surrounding an art deco cityscape that sees a massive drill coming up through the middle of it. The drill is clearly that of the Underminer, the villain who appears at the tail end of the original Incredibles movie. We already knew that the sequel will be picking up right where the first film left off, so we would be seeing the fight between the Incredibles and the Underminer. However, the float would indicate that Frozone will also join the battle. The float shows his ice powers being used directly on the drill.

While the underminer is a character that will bridge the two Incredibles films, the expectation is that he will otherwise be a fairly minor character in the new movie, which makes his inclusion in the float interesting. Unless, of course, the Underminer is going to play a larger role in the sequel than we know. John Ratzenberger's character wasn't included in the list of characters for Incredibles 2 that was recently released, but the list also didn't include an obvious villain, so perhaps the Underminer will be more important to the movie than we think.

The description of the float on the Disney Parks Blog also includes the wording that the float's technology will showcase the powers of Dash, Violet, and Jack-Jack "in surprising ways." Perhaps, the entire float will give us a sneak peek at how the supers will overcome the Underminer. It's possible there are entire aspects of Jack-Jack's powers that we haven't seen yet and the other Incredibles could see their powers evolve as well. The new parade will debut in April, while the film will not arrive until June, so those that see the float first might get a glimpse of what is to come on the big screen.

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The Paint the Night Parade is a sort of modern take on the classic Main Street Electrical Parade, which uses bright, colorful, lighting to illuminate a nighttime parade. The parade previously ran across the plaza at Disneyland, and included many Pixar themed floats, which makes it a perfect addition to the upcoming Pixar Fest that will debut at Disney's California Adventure this spring, along with the Incredicoaster. A facelift has been given to the California Screamin' roller coaster that will theme it along with the superhero family.

The Paint the Night Parade starts up at the Disneyland Resort April 13. The new Pixar Pier, and the Incredicoaster, open June 23. Incredibles 2 opens June 15.

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