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It is always cool to see comic book creators hanging out with the people bringing their creations to life. One of the artists whose characters have hit the big screen in a big way is Rob Liefeld. The man behind Deadpool got to see his weird, lewd and fourth-wall breaking character fully realized in the 2016 film and now another one of his creations is making his cinematic debut. The time-traveling Nathan Summers, better known as Cable, is joining Wade Wilson in Deadpool 2. In advance of that film's debut, Rob Liefeld was hanging out with Cable actor Josh Brolin on the latter's birthday. Check it out.

Man, does Josh Brolin look badass as Cable or what? With Josh Brolin hitting the big 5-0, the actor is now the same age as Cable's creator and that is indeed 100 years of awesome with both men having been a part of creating some truly memorable characters and stories over the years. I like the hashtag teasing the Brolinaissance. I don't know if Josh Brolin needs a renaissance, a la how Matthew McConaughey did, but with the actor's slate this year, it's hard to argue. Josh Brolin gets to be Cable in Deadpool 2, Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and he is also returning for Sicario 2: Soldado. Brolinaissance indeed. Rob Liefeld even got to rock one of Cable's gloves for a time. Gloves, pouches, utility belts and gigantic guns are iconic, if occasionally made fun of, elements of Rob Liefeld's Cable design and it's cool to see Josh Brolin's on-screen portrayal maintaining that.

The casting of Cable was hugely important to fans who grew up loving the character, be it the version from the comics, his appearances in the X-Men animated series or as a great fighter in Marvel vs. Capcom. So it is so cool and reassuring to see Cable's creator being so enthused with his fellow 50-year-old's casting and portrayal as the character. And who can argue, Cable looked awesome in the Deadpool 2 trailer and Josh Brolin even looks all Cable in this Instagram post. Funnily someone even comments that Rob Liefeld looks like fellow X-Force member and frequent Cable compatriot, Shatterstar, in this photo. And while he's missing the glowing eye, I can see it. While I'm pretty sure Rob Liefeld wouldn't be playing him, it's looking like Shatterstar will show up in Deadpool 2.

You can expect to see a lot more fun social media marketing, hilarious advertisements and trolling between the actors ahead of Deadpool 2's release. Deadpool 2 flashdances its way into theaters on May 18th. For all of the biggest films hitting theaters this year, check out our release schedule and for all the latest on the Brolinaissance and all your movie news, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.