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When USA Today gets their hands on exclusive images from a new movie, like today's set of images from The Book of Eli, they do us all a favor and also include a slideshow interview with the directors and cast. So along with the five new Eli images-- three of which you can see below-- they've also got a conversation with directors Albert and Allen Hughes about the film.

And the description is a little strange, to be honest. In the first frame, showing Denzel Washington's Eli character at a crossroads in a post-apocalyptic landscape, Allen Hughes explains that it's technology that's making him stop. "Eli's iPod has run out of juice and to the right is the road that leads into Carnagie's (Oldman) town. Eli makes the decision to go into town, power up his iPod and refill his canteen." Wait, the world has effectively ended, but we're still listening to iPods? Is this Apple product placement gone seriously awry?

Anyway, check out the entire slideshow for more thoughts on the film and more from the batch of photos you see below. The Book of Eli featuring Washington as a crusader for goodness in a destroyed world, comes out January 15, 2010.

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