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Remember in Click when Christopher Walken popped up in a weird role as the Bed, Bath and Beyond salesman who gives Adam Sandler the magical remote? Apparently Chevy Chase admired that part so much he's found a similar one for himself. Chase has joined the cast of the time-traveling comedy Hot Tub Time Machine and will play a mysterious repairman who might be the reason four 30-something guys travel back to their high school glory days.

THR pains the casting as kind of a resurgence for the actor, who recently did a guest stint on Chuck and has apparently agreed to be part of the planned revival of Fletch, the character he immortalized in the 80s. It still seems up for debate whether any of these roles are worthy of Chase's talents-- he's Clark Griswold, for God's sake! But really, we can probably just be grateful for seeing him at all these days.

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