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Tonight's Oscars mark the 90th Academy Awards honoring the best in film - but if you weren't paying super close attention, you might have thought that ABC was rebroadcasting one of the Oscar's earlier ceremonies at the beginning of the show. The night started off with a fun little black and white segment that probably had some viewers looking for their remotes. The nature of these ceremonies don't allow for a ton of flexibility or innovation to do different creative things so this was a fun way to start proceedings, but this opening is pretty funny too, as it pokes fun at the nominees, the ceremony itself, and tops it all off with some light political jokes. You can check it out below:

The Oscar opening, posted to Jimmy Kimmel's Twitter, really sets a fun tone to start off with. Is it bad that Celebrity Street Fights with Mario Lopez is something I can totally imagine existing, like it doesn't strain believability at all? The ceremony itself can get stuffy and quite serious at points, so a little self-deprecation to kick things off is a fun way to go. Noting that the Dolby Theater, a beacon of film and artistry, is in close proximity to a Hooters, which is a beacon of... not that, is pretty great. The delivery of the voiceover is on point, too, with just the right cadence for the jokes to land. Will Emma Stone win again tonight? NO! Armie Hammer is the product of a witch putting a curse on a Ken doll. Fantastic. This is the sort of good natured humor that works well for the Oscars.

As expected, perhaps more so than in year's past, there are plenty of political and social issues being highlighted at the Oscar ceremony. But instead of getting too serious or bumming everyone out to start the show, the opening has some fun with it. Highlighting Chadwick Boseman as the King of Wakanda and the box office as representing the possibility of a black leader is great. Calling the assembled celebrities in the Dolby Theater "godless Hollywood elitists" also shows some fun self-awareness as to how this assemblage is sometimes viewed. And as expected, the jokes about last year's debacle started early, with Jimmy Kimmel noting how he presided over the calamity only to be brought back for a mulligan. This whole thing works especially well because of the black and white, giving it all a false sense of prestige and seriousness while delivering fun little one-liners and showing that Hollywood can laugh at itself.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for all your Oscar coverage and trust us, as soon as Celebrity Street Fights with Mario Lopez gets a series order, we'll be sure to let you know. Check out our winners list to see who's walking hime with Academy Awards tonight, and for all the movies that could be contending for Oscars next year, check out our 2018 release schedule.

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