Fred Durst Is Directing A Movie, And John Travolta Is Starring

Fred Durst

It's a little-known fact that Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has added directing to his skill set in recent years. His next feature just got underway, with John Travolta in the lead. What's more, this new movie, entitled Moose, was co-written by Durst and is based, in part, on the performers own life as the frontman of a popular band.

The words "Fred Durst is directing a movie" probably shock a lot of people who may not have heard the singer's name as much recently as we once did. However, the reason for that is that Durst has largely transitioned to a job behind the camera rather than in front of it. Durst directed music videos for his own band as far back as 1999's "Nookie" and went on to direct music videos for other bands of the era, including Korn and Staind. He directed two feature films about a decade ago, The Education of Charlie Banks with Jesse Eisenberg in 2007, followed by The Longshots with Ice Cube in 2008. He's continued directing music videos and has also added commercials to his resume, the image above is from a behind the scenes clip of him working on an ad for dating site eHarmoney, but hasn't directed a feature in 10 years. That is changing new with Moose getting underway.

Moose will star John Travolta as the title character, a man who becomes obsessed with his favorite onscreen action hero. He becomes a stalker of the movie star, played by Devon Sawa, before eventually taking things a step further and actively trying to destroy the actor's life. According to Variety, Fred Durst co-wrote the movie with Dave Bekerman, and the film is actually based on an incident from Durst's own past with his band Limp Bizkit.

On a side note, this technically isn't the first collaboration between John Travolta and Fred Durst, as Durst had a cameo as himself in Travolta's Be Cool, the sequel to Get Shorty.

Moose sounds like an interesting movie and with it being based on the actual life experience of the director, there's certainly the potential for a very realistic stalker movie.

John Travolta has been making a lot of smaller movies since his recent turn as Robert Shapiro in American Crime Story. His next film will be the racing movie Trading Paint with Michael Madsen and Shania Twain.

Fred Durst's previous feature film efforts received fairly middling reviews, but that means there were about as many people who liked the films as didn't. There are certainly worse places to return to the director's chair. Moose doesn't currently have a release date but, considering the film likely won't need a great deal of complicated post-production, could see a release as early as later this year.

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