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You Can Own A Sega Dreamcast Signed By Fred Durst, If That's Your Thing

Sega Dreamcast
(Image credit: Sega)

During the peak of Sega's popularity they were moving and grooving with the Sega Dreamcast. Some major mishaps involving copyright issues tanked the system, but, it turns out, before the doors closed on Sega's last console, a certain Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit signed a few back in 1999.

Metal Sucks is reporting that someone over on eBay going by the handle hollywoodstorage1 has six listings for a Sega Dreamcast signed by Fred Durst himself. The description reads that the six units are unused and have no signs of wear at all. The description also claims that the units were only opened for Durst to sign but otherwise they have no other signs of being used.

The units are supposedly the original 1999 launch models that came out later that year. The packages come with all of the necessary cables and equipment to get it up and running. But, why would you want to play a console that has Fred Durst's signature on it?

Metal Sucks actually ends the article by asking the most important question of them all: how do we know that the signature is authentic and that it actually belongs to Fred Durst?

Well, technically, there's no real way to know unless you contact the original lister and ask how the signature was authenticated and how they managed to get their hands on the device. Each one of the six units are selling for $700 as a starting bid, but you can buy one outright by paying $1,000.

Now, to the credit of hollywoodstorage1, they do have some other items in their inventory that seem to be memorabilia or paraphernalia from some pop culture superstars from the late 1990s. For instance, there's an MLS MetroStars soccer jersey with the name 10 Durst on it, as well as a Limp Bizkit themed snowboard from the Nitro company, and a birdhouse naked wood skateboard deck that was signed by Tony Hawk.

Based on some of the other items available from hollywoodstorage1, I'm almost convinced that the Dreamcast units actually are signed by Durst himself. So, what does this mean? It means that if you were really into the whole Limp Bizkit music phenomenon back in the late 1990s and early 2000s and you really loved the Sega Dreamcast, well now you have an opportunity to combine the two.

The Dreamcast has been hailed by many to be one of their favorite systems due to the games that were made available for it. However, Sega didn't take the necessary precautions for copyright protection, and they ended up running into the irrecoverable issue of allowing users to run illegally distributed copies of games and software on the system. You didn't need a special mod chip like the original PlayStation, and you didn't have to open up the Dreamcast to solder anything onto the board like the other consoles, you just had to use a CD-RW drive and burn a copy of a disc and plop it into the system. It turned out to be a death knell for Sega.

Well, even though both Sega's console run and Limp Bizkit's music careers are dead in the water, at least you can rekindle the nostalgia with a signed Sega Dreamcast console from Fred Durst.

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