How Chris Pine’s A Wrinkle In Time Character Compares To Other Heroes He Has Played

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Over the course of the last few years, Chris Pine has remained a consistent fixture as an action hero in the realms of fantasy and science fiction. He is known for portraying swashbuckling badasses like Star Trek's James Kirk and Wonder Woman's Steve Trevor, but he found a new fantasy character in the form of A Wrinkle in Time's Dr. Alex Murry. That said, the difference between his new character and those earlier ones extends far beyond the source material that he is jumping to, as Pine recently sat down with CinemaBlend and explained that Alex Murry is a far more intellectual, science-oriented hero than men like Kirk or Trevor. Pine told us:

I think in that he's a real pure intellect. He's one of these people I always looked up to who whose mind works so quickly and with such facility. He can balance humungous ideas in his brain. So yeah, his great weapon is the speed of his mind.

Those qualities are arguably far more important for a character like Alex Murry than James Kirk or Steve Trevor. A Wrinkle in Time deals with some pretty lofty scientific ideas, and he's at the forefront of them all. There's no Spock around to help him sift through the material, and no Diana Prince to explain the magic and mythology. In the world of A Wrinkle in Time, he is the brains of the operation, and his mind serves as "his great weapon." Sometimes that's the most powerful tool at one's disposal.

It is also worth mentioning that someone like Dr. Alex Murry needs to rely on his wits and his intellect based on the tone of a movie like A Wrinkle in Time. Ava DuVernay's Disney adventure is not a traditional action romp like many of Chris Pine's other adventure films, which means his portrayal of the character cannot rely on his typical cocky bravado. In other words, don't expect to see Alex Murry throwing any punches, crack wise in the face of danger or seduce an oddly-colored alien woman in this film. He is a thinking man's hero who leads with his brain, though in the movie, it's up to his children and their friend Calvin to ultimately rescue him.

A Wrinkle in Time is now in theaters, so make sure to read CinemaBlend's full review of Ava DuVernay's sci-fi fantasy adventure (as well as our review roundup) and check it out to see Chris Pine's Alex Murry for yourself. Looking ahead to the rest of 2018, however, you can also head over to CinemaBlend's comprehensive movie premiere guide to see what other major movies are on the horizon, which include Chris Pine appearing in Outlaw King.

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