One Moment Mark Hamill Improvised In Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Luke Skywalker

While the set of a major blockbuster can be a pretty high-pressure workplace where decisions are made far in advance, that doesn't mean that it isn't also a collaborative process. Flexibility is always a key trait and it sounds like that was the case for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. While filming the movie, Mark Hamill realized that they needed to include a small detail, overlooked in Rian Johnson's script that would have a nice impact: his character Luke Skywalker acknowledging the existence of C-3PO. Here's what Hamill had to say about his improvised moment in The Last Jedi...

Initially, I didn't acknowledge Threepio, I walked right past him. I said, 'Rian, look it, after all those years of service, even though we haven't been in contact in recent years, Threepio was the closest to a sidekick I had. Harrison had Chewie and I had Artoo and Threepio, but [Rian's] so accommodating and so collaborative. He said, 'Oh, absolutely, you should go over there.' We didn't really have time to script anything, just to acknowledge him, and that's what I did.

In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, during the climax of the movie, Luke Skywalker makes a grand entrance while the Resistance is pinned down by the First Order. While Luke's reunion with Leia is unquestionably the highlight of the moment, it's not the only reunion that takes place. Luke also takes the time to give a little how-do-you-do to C-3PO before heading off to face Kylo Ren. It's a nice little moment in the scene that tips a hat to their history, but it originally wasn't in the script.

While appearing on Entertainment Tonight, Mark Hamill revealed that that interaction was something that he recommended they do while filming the scene. Hamill felt it was weird to not all acknowledge that Threepio was in the room as well. After all, the two of them go way back, having saved an entire galaxy together. Threepio is part of the reason that Luke even ended up leaving Tatooine in the first place, so Hamill is right that the two of them needed a little moment. Luckily, Rian Johnson agreed and they added Luke's little nod to his old droid friend.

Considering how upset some fans were that Leia would hug Rey, a stranger, instead of a clearly grieving Chewbacca after Han Solo dies in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, this was probably a smart thing to add.

The movie may no longer be in theaters, but fans worldwide can once again watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi to their leisure once the Blu-ray (packed with special features) hits store shelves on March 27, 2018. The movie is currently available on Digital HD, for those not looking for a physical copy.

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