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Saturday Night Live was all new last night with host John Mulaney, who tried his hand as a performer after being a writer on the show for five years. Seeing as how Mulaney is a terrific standup comedian with one surprise Broadway hit under his belt, his turn hosting was pretty great, but the focus of our attention today actually involves a mini-reunion of sorts. Ben Stiller and Rober De Niro surprised audiences by appearing in the cold open and staging a scene from their old movie Meet the Parents. Check it out.

The sketch begins with Kate McKinnon and Beck Bennett as Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Vice President Mike Pence, respectively. The two are worried about the FBI raid on President Donald Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, who just so happens to be played by Ben Stiller. Stiller was actually a cast member on Saturday Night Live for about 20 minutes back in the day, but his appearance last night was still a shocker. The sketch then makes a pivot and has Stiller's Cohen move to a different set to be interrogated by none other than Robert De Niro as Robert Mueller. The makeup is so good on De Niro that I actually thought it was Mueller before De Niro started speaking.

The two of them then begin to basically act out a scene from Meet the Parents, the duo's successful comedy that spawned two sequels. The scene in question is an interrogation, which was originally between Stiller's boyfriend character and De Niro's overbearing father-in-law. The two of them recite lines and jokes from the movie, such as how it's possible to milk a cat or anything with nipples, really.

It's a fun idea, but I don't totally understand why it happened in the first place. Is Meet the Parents so fondly remembered that it elicits a whole sketch devoted to it? Judging by the cheers from the audience whenever old dialogue was recited, I guess so. The whole thing is a bit random, but later that night a lobster sang Les Miserable at a diner (which was awesome), so randomness is the last concern. Also, Robert De Niro is famously not a good SNL performer and you can tell he was searching for cue cards pretty easily. He even messed up saying "Live from New York."

I can't say that it will have more Meet the Parents related content, but SNL is off for the next week but will return on May 5, 2018, with a real special treat. Donald Glover will host the show and he's pulling double duty as the musical guest (as his alter-ego, Childish Gambino). That show is going to be nuts and you can watch it on NBC when it airs at 11:30 p.m. EST.