One Way Marvel's Kevin Feige Was Inspired By Star Wars

Marvel Studios 10 year logo

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a massive franchise, one that rivals Star Wars in global popularity. It turns out, that the galaxy far, far away, inspired the Marvel Studios head in one major way. Kevin Feige admits he stole Marvel's current logo directly from Star Wars. Specifically, he took the idea that the 10-year anniversary of the MCU is only the "first 10 years," meaning that there's a lot more to come. According to Feige...

I'll tell you a secret: we have a really cool logo. It says Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years. That was directly ripped off of my very positive memories of 1987 and Star Wars: The First Ten Years. There wasn't much --- entering the 'Dark Times', as collectors call it --- when there wasn't a whole lot of stuff... But Lucasfilm acknowledged the tenth anniversary, and they called it it 'The First Ten Years', which got me excited as a fan to think 'Well, there'll be more! Must be the first of many!' And it took many years to fulfill that. But as we were saying, 'Let's celebrate our tenth anniversary!', and I was trying to come up with a tagline, I just stole from the Star Wars anniversary.

If you're going to steal, steal from the greats, right? That's apparently what Kevin Feige decided when Marvel wanted to celebrate their 10-year anniversary of making movies. He tells The Star Wars Show how the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Star Wars got him really excited back in 1987 because the claim that it was the "first 10 years," strongly implied that there would be more to come. Here's the logo that inspired Marvel.

Star Wars 10 years logo

Of course, while it took Star Wars quite some time to actually do more, Marvel is in no such position. They have four more movies already on the release schedule and we know that they've got even more than that planned, even if we have no clue what those plans are at this point.

Listening to Kevin Feige talk, it's clear that Star Wars had a much larger influence on Marvel Studios than simply a logo. Feige grew up loving Star Wars and it was his desire to make movies like that which led him to Marvel. Now, both franchises are going strong and fans of both have a wealth of stories to watch. If you love Marvel, Avengers: Infinity War arrives Friday. If you need more Star Wars, Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters May 25.

Dirk Libbey
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