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Will Smith Martin Lawrence Bad Boys 2

At times it seems like the much talked about third Bad Boys film may never happen. It's been perpetually delayed, but now it appears that the movie may actually film this year, and we may also know what it will be about. While fans of the previous films may be excited about the possibility of seeing Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as partners once again, they may have to wait, as the new film will reportedly start with the pair no longer working together.

The plot synopsis sees Martin Lawrence's Marcus Burnett working as a private investigator after having a falling out with Will Smith's Mike Lowery. Lowery, for his part, is going through something of a midlife crisis as he finds himself still single but now looking to mature. Lowery has a new young partner that he's dealing with, though indications are he doesn't care much for the new kid. However, when an Albanian mercenary puts a hit out on the Bad Boys, for the death of his brother, the pair are reunited and instantly fall back into their old groove. We can expect that groove will include gunfights, car chases, and explosions.

The plot summary that comes from That Hashtag Show certainly sounds like something we could see out of the new movie, officially titled Bad Boys for Life. That title now sounds like it's meant to be a reaffirmation based on this story, an answer to the question posed by the story. The most interesting question about this plot, if it proves to be accurate, may be just how long the pair have been estranged. It's been 15 years since Bad Boys II, so it's possible the partners have been on the outs for over a decade. It would certainly be interesting to see the characters reconnecting after an absence as long as the one that fans have had to endure.

A third Bay Boys has been in discussion seemingly since the second film came out but the project has been delayed numerous times, even seeing official release dates get pushed back over and over again. Currently, the movie isn't actually on Sony's official release calendar, so it's anybody's guess when it could actually see the light of day. Even Martin Lawrence, who had been one of the strongest voices in favor of the sequel, said as recently as last year that he didn't actually think the third movie was ever going to happen.

However, most recently, new directors were found for the project in the form of Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah, and that seems to have given the project life once again. If a late summer shooting schedule is planned, which has been intimated of late, then we could actually see Bad Boys for Life as soon as next year.

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