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Infinity war thor gets his head crushed by thanos

Avengers: Infinity War has only been out for two weekends, but it is clear the movie is dominating globally. The most recent stats indicate Avengers: Infinity War has already made $461.4 million domestically and $737.5 million internationally. If you are any good at doing math in your head, that means it has blown well past the $1 billion dollar mark. At $1,198,890,925 from the latest released numbers, the movie is already looking toward the $1.5 billion mark. But can it hit $2 billion before the end of its theatrical run?

To be specific, few movies have ever made $2 billion dollars at the worldwide box office. Movies like Avatar and Star Wars: The Force Awakens ended up with over $2 billion at the end of their respective runs. Another movie, Titanic, made $1.8 million at the box office and ended up grossing over $2 billion after other sales. However,the top-grossing summer title is currently Jurassic World, which only made 1.67 billion at the box office. Since Avengers: Infinity War pushed up its release date from May to the end of April, I'm not sure we can totally count it as a summer title, but it is certainly the movie that is really kicking off the summer season this year. (Although Black Panther, Rampage and Ready Player One all did well internationally earlier this year, as well.)

Currently, the Marvel movie is running on full steam, and the only thing standing in the way of Avengers: Infinity War right now is a stacked May slate. Not only do we have Deadpool 2 -- another superhero movie -- coming out next weekend, but Disney will be competing with itself by the end of the month. That's because Solo: A Star Wars Story is out on May 25. By then, the summer movie season will be in full swing, and Avengers: Infinity War will start to be pushed into second run theaters.

The good news for Avengers: Infinity War is that it likely won't slow down in its third week at the box office. This week, the movies hitting theaters are Breaking In with Gabrielle Union and Life of the Party, the new Melissa McCarthy movie where she goes back to college. Neither movie is playing for the same audience as Avengers: Infinity War, which means the latest Marvel flick should continue its domination unimpeded. In addition, THR reports the movie is expected to at least make $1.8 billion at the box office, so it should at least get most of the way there. The only question is whether fans will keep going once other big movies are options. Will it hit $2 billion or blow past the milestone? Will it nab one of if not the highest box office gross of all-time? These are questions to keep on your mind in the weeks to come.

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