Watch Harrison Ford Interrupt A Han Solo Interview With Alden Ehrenreich

Harrison Ford as Han Solo

Following up Harrison Ford in the role of Han Solo has to be a nightmare. They are, comparatively, the largest shoes to fill in the Star Wars universe. And while Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher have all come back to play their iconic roles in new Saga movies, no one has attempted to play the characters that these legends CREATED in a separate movie... until now. If Alden Ehrenreich was feeling any pressure to play Han Solo, it just tripled when Ford himself walked in on an interview and basically took over.

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Alden Ehrenreich and the cast of Solo: A Star Wars Story were busy all weekend promoting the upcoming movie at a press junket in L.A., and as a part of that, the star was sitting down with Entertainment Tonight when, according to the above Tweet, Ron Howard snuck into the room and surprised his lead with the last man to play Han Solo. "Get out of my chair," Ford barks, in his traditional gruff timber. It sounds so much like "Get off of my plane" that I basically stood up out of the chair I was sitting in, just in case Harrison Ford could see me.

The original Star Wars stars have been coming out in support of this new generation of actors, whether it be Billy Dee Williams coming to the red carpet to stand with Donald Glover, the new Lando, or George Lucas coming to the premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story to see what has become of the characters he created. But the sight of Harrison Ford begrudgingly passing the baton to Alden Ehrenreich is heartwarming... even if the gruff icon tells the kid to "Get out of my life!" Somehow, Ford makes that sound sweet. Sort of. At least he follows it up with a hug. He means well, right?

We're anxious to see how Alden Ehrenreich does as Han Solo when Ron Howard's Solo: A Star Wars Story opens in theaters on May 25. The early word was positive on the movie, with people at the premiere saying Solo is a lot of fun, even if it takes a few minutes to find its legs. (And if Donald Glover's Lando overshadows Ehrenreich's Han in the long run.) It will be interesting to see if Star Wars fans embrace this line of storytelling, leading to potential sequels with young Han and Chewbacca.

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