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It's Memorial Day Weekend, which means it's time for friends and family to hang out, as well as enjoy the long weekend and each other's company. Lots of people are taking the opportunity to barbecue, and among them, apparently, are director James Gunn and Mark Hamill. The two shared their meeting on social media, and while things certainly are being presented as just a couple of guys having a fun weekend, one certainly has to assume that a little movie called Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 came up during the conversation.

An exchange on Twitter recently led to the revelation that James Gunn and Mark Hamill apparently live fairly close to each other in Malibu, and the two, who had not met previously, discussed getting together. That meeting has now happened, and it looks like it was quite the success. Apparently, James Gunn ate all of the food at the Hamill house, which has made him slightly defensive.

Of course, the fact that these two film icons met in person is actually a news story, because the original Twitter exchange that led to this was based around the possibility of Mark Hamill nabbing a role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. James Gunn seemed to think the idea was a reasonable one, and Hamill was more than interested. One has to assume the topic came up.

Of course, if we take Mark Hamill's view of the event, movies were not discussed. In fact, the reason we know that is that he itemized the entire list of topics. Movies do seem conspicuous by its absence. Seriously, how often do any two people who work in the same industry get together and not end up talking about work?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 had its share of major celebrities in small and large roles, and if there's a similar part available for Mark Hamill, he would be perfect. Even if he just voiced some CGI creature, which he has every ability to do, it would be great to get him in the movie. Part of the reason Kurt Russell felt like a great choice to play Peter Quill's father was because of Russell's connection to late 70s-early 80s pop culture, which Hamill certainly has, as well. If the film was discussed, I'm certainly hoping that a tentative agreement was reached to get Hamill in the movie.

Even if this was just two guys having food together, it's still pretty cool. Most of us would be thrilled to hang out with James Gunn or Mark Hamill, so of course, they'd want to meet each other.