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Game of Thrones

While countless book readers are only concerned with when The Winds of Winter will be published, author George R.R. Martin has plenty of irons in the fire at the moment beyond just that long-awaited book. In addition to Game of Thrones' final season next year and the multiple spinoff series in development, there is the SYFY series adaptation of Martin's horror sci-fi novella, Nightflyers, coming later this year. Now, another of the author's fantasy works is being adapted into a movie. George R.R. Martin will be on board as producer for the Warner Bros. animated adaptation of his 1980 children's novel, The Ice Dragon.

As reported by Variety, George R.R. Martin will produce alongside his manager and executive producer Vince Gerardis. The Ice Dragon was first published in 1980 as a short story in an adult fantasy anthology book before being reworked into a children's book released in 2007. The Ice Dragon tells the story of a girl named Adara who is drawn to the cold and befriends a legendary ice dragon that is feared by all around. The dragon leaves cold in its wake, but the cold never bothered Adara anyway and when fire-breathing dragons come to war with her land one summer, the ice dragon fights to protect Adara and her family.

Now it is important to note that The Ice Dragon does not take place in Westeros. For those who watched the last season of Game of Thrones, _(spoilers) _Viserion isn't technically an ice dragon. He is just a reanimated dragon that breathes blue flame. Although ice dragons are part of the mythos of A Song of Ice and Fire, they are much rarer and are said to be made of ice with translucent wings and a freezing breath. As George R.R. Martin's novella preceded A Game of Thrones, you can see how he was already playing with these kinds of ideas before he wrote that now iconic series.

the ice dragon movie

It will be very strange to see George R.R. Martin's name attached to a children's property where, I presume, people don't get brutally murdered at weddings. One thing that is interesting about this is that it will be animated. It makes sense that a children's property would go the animation route and I'm excited to see what they do with it. We don't get a ton of animated fantasy on the big screen outside of Disney and this will have a lot more awareness around it because of George R.R. Martin. I'm sure it is probably too much to hope for that The Ice Dragon would go with hand-drawn animation but hopefully, if it is CGI, it is done in a way that looks different from the other stuff that's out there and helps it to stand out.

There is currently no release date of director for The Ice Dragon. As for when we will see George R.R. Martin's other dragons, Game of Thrones is expected to return for its final season sometime next year. For all the latest movie news and why you can never have too many dragons, stay locked on CinemaBlend.