Matt Reeves Preps For His Batman Film With Visit To Batman '66 Exhibit

We are all eagerly awaiting to hear something, anything, about DC's upcoming Batman film. We have far more questions than answers at this point, and at times it can seem like nothing is even happening with The Batman. However, although production is likely a ways off and the film's release further off still, writer and director Matt Reeves is getting ready to bring Batman back to the big screen. One way he seems to be doing that is immersing himself in some of the Caped Crusader's onscreen history. The director visited the Batman '66 Retrospective at the Hollywood Museum to see one of the Dark Knight's earliest and most memorable iterations. Check it out:

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Oh how Batman's onscreen depiction has changed over time. Here you see the costume worn by beloved actor Adam West, who passed away last year, in the 1960s TV series. The costume has a sizable utility belt, and this is long before cloth and spandex gave way to tactical armor. Perhaps the pre-cursor to unnecessary bat-nipples are the drawn on eyebrows on the cowl. It looks pretty silly now, but this costume fit perfectly with the jokey, light-hearted tone of the iconic series. Hopefully Matt Reeves doesn't take too much from this design for his film. However, anytime there is a new Batman movie, we always want to see two things: the costume and the car. The Batmobile is integral to the Batman mythos and Batman '66 had a classic one. Take a look:

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While perhaps not the best for stealth purposes, I still dig the red on this Batmobile. If we do get a new Batmobile in Matt Reeves' film, I'd like to see just a little bit of style infused back into the design. Although his gadgets are integral to his image, Batman is really defined by his villains, and Batman '66 was no different, with no shortage of wacky bad guys contending with the world's greatest detective. Matt Reeves showed some of the villains' costumes from the exhibit on Twitter:

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The Batman series from the '60s used Batman's rogues gallery to its full effect, with several memorable portrayals, including Julie Newmar's Catwoman. Presumably Matt Reeves already knows who the villain will be in his film, but perhaps he takes some inspiration from these early depictions. Originally Joe Manganiello's Deathstroke was going to be the main villain, but a lot has changed since then, so who knows if that's still the plan. It would be great to see the Riddler again and The Penguin has also been rumored, with Josh Gad seemingly campaigning for the role.

Matt Reeves didn't say that this visit was explicitly prep for his Batman movie, but immersing himself in the history of the character is a smart way to get ideas and inspiration for a new interpretation of the character that honors and draws from the past, while simultaneously creating something different. I wouldn't expect to see BIFF!!! and POW!! popping up onscreen in The Batman, but perhaps this new film will incorporate some occasional light-heartedness or the detective aspect of the character that has been largely lacking in recent iterations.

Matt Reeves' The Batman doesn't currently have a release date, but we'll keep you updated on the next cinematic chapter in the history of this storied character. In the meantime, you can check out our release guide for the biggest movies hitting this year, including the next DCEU film, Aquaman, in theaters on December 21.

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