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Christopher McQuarrie working on Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

One name that is consistently at the top of everyone's list to direct basically any action film, and especially a superhero movie, is Christopher McQuarrie. Given how well he handles action and character, the writer and director of Mission: Impossible - Fallout seems like an obvious choice to helm a superhero flick sooner or later. Reports, rumors and wishful thinking have seen the director's name pop up in the discussion for multiple superhero projects, particularly those under the DC banner, and it sounds like he's game for such endeavors. When asked if he would direct a DC movie, Christopher McQuarrie made it clear that he's just waiting for the call. Check it out:

That's a pretty clear statement from Christopher McQuarrie. He's not dancing around the issue or equivocating. The Mission: Impossible director sounds totally open to directing a DC movie and he seems ready to go as soon as he receives the call. Saying this, he basically just put the ball in the court of Warner Bros. and DC to make it happen. So cue everyone asking what exactly WB is waiting for. It's crazy to think that he hasn't been called given his pedigree and clear interest in taking on a superhero movie, as well as working with Henry Cavill again, but the DCEU works in mysterious ways.

In response to Christopher McQuarrie on Twitter, screenwriter Zack Stentz, who worked on Thor and X-Men: First Class, even offered to write a Superman movie for the director. Christopher McQuarrie responded, promising to call Zack if DC ever calls him. While we're obviously a long way off from a confirmation of a Christopher McQuarrie superhero flick, it's still encouraging to know that he would direct a DC movie if asked.

As far as what project Christopher McQuarrie could take on over at DC, there are a couple of options that spring to mind. For some time, his name has been at the top of people's wishlists, alongside Matthew Vaughn, for Man of Steel 2. That would reunite him with his Mission: Impossible - Fallout actor Henry Cavill. Of course, everything on the Superman front is seemingly up in the air at this point, with reports that Henry Cavill is done with the DCEU. Even ignoring that, there hasn't been much in the way of definitive news that would lead you to believe that Man of Steel 2 is coming anytime soon.

Fortunately, Superman isn't the only hero in the DCEU. There is another hero in need of redemption after an inauspicious cinematic debut, and that's Green Lantern. Christopher McQuarrie was reportedly being eyed as a top contender to take on the DCEU's Green Lantern Corps, but it doesn't seem like that's going to happen, at least not yet judging by the director's tweet. Christopher McQuarrie could possibly unite with another Fallout star if he got this gig, as Tom Cruise's name has come up as a potential Hal Jordan.

Hopefully DC and WB are able to get their house in order and tap Christopher McQuarrie to direct a superhero film, especially Superman. It seems like it would be a major missed opportunity if they don't.

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