Disney World Has Added Alcoholic Push Pops, No Really

A minstrel enjoys the king's beverage in Sleeping Beauty

If you've ever been to Walt Disney World and especially if you're a huge fan of the most magical place on Earth, you know that there are certain snacks that you simply have to eat on every visit. Examples include the Mickey Ice Cream Bar, a chocolate-shelled vanilla treat that keeps you cool in the hot Florida sun, the massive and juicy turkey leg that's well worth its high price, and the refreshing cult favorite Dole Whip. These iconic snacks are synonymous with Disney World, and now, a new contender destined for similar greatness has entered the fray. Alcoholic push pops are now available at Disney World. That's right, push pops, but with alcohol.

The new adult-only treats will be available at the Paddlefish restaurant located in Disney Springs, formerly Downtown Disney, Walt Disney World's shopping and dining district. That means you won't be enjoying one of these drunken delights while riding It's a Small World or the Jungle Cruise in the Magic Kingdom. According to People, the alcoholic push pops are made by Buzz Pop Cocktails and are 15% ABV, or the equivalent to one cocktail, so enjoy responsibly. The push pops come in flavors including blueberry pomegranate, Moscow mule, mango passionfruit, with white Russian and grasshopper sorbet on the way. The pops are also fat free and less than 100 calories each, just in case you want to tell yourself you're being healthy while basically eating candy and getting drunk in Disney World.

Unlike some of Disney's theme parks, there are plenty of options for inebriation in Disney Springs, so this isn't a groundbreaking introduction of alcohol. If you're going to Disney Springs, you're either shopping, eating or drinking, and probably all three. The alcoholic push pops are the perfect transportable snack for the young at heart who still want to reap the mind-altering benefits of their advanced age while they admire art they can't afford in The Art of Disney store and act like a kid in The LEGO Store.

The Disney parks have been going through something of a transformation when it comes to alcohol in recent years. Walt Disney himself famously didn't want alcohol served in the parks, and that mandate was maintained for some time, at least in Disneyland proper and Disney World's Magic Kingdom. However, the addition of the Be Our Guest restaurant in 2012 introduced alcohol to the Magic Kingdom, and now it is served in all of that park's sit-down restaurants. And now even the original Disneyland park will be adding alcohol with the addition of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, because you can't really have a dry cantina.

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