Aquaman’s James Wan Explains Why Mera’s Costume Looks Different Colors

Aquaman Mera on the surface with drenched hair

If you're a fan of the internet, you're probably familiar with debates similar to the infamous "blue or black" dress fiasco. So naturally, with the look of Amber Heard's Mera from Aquaman looking both blue and green in various shots promoting the film, a new battle looked to be brewing. Well, you can call off the troops, as director James Wan has explained this phenomenon rather simply:

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Those who were debating whether Aquaman's would-be queen was wearing a blue or green costume, you can rest safely knowing that both sides of the argument are technically right. Thanks to some costuming magic, the lighting of any particular shot will make Mera's costume reflect a myriad of blues and greens. Though if you really want to narrow things down to one color or the other, Wan says through his Twitter explanation that green's the way to go.

This isn't that big of a stretch, considering that Mera's big appearance in Justice League saw her in an outfit that was definitively green. So keeping a color scheme similar, yet different, to what was seen before helps Aquaman stay within the DC Extended Universe, while also making room for itself to be its own thing. Judging by what point in her life the film's story is going to take place during, it kind of makes sense to have a sort of non-committal costume.

With Mera not quite queen of Atlantis at this point, and not particularly linked to Aquaman in any romantic capacity in James Wan's origin story, this particular look might also be significant to the point in the Aquaman mythos that this story takes place. Traditionally, the comic depict Mera with varying shades of green, with maybe some blue in the mix. But with this approach to the origins of these characters, and their eventual ruling of Atlantis, it might not be time for the full green suit to make an appearance just yet.

So there you have it: the internet is short one debate to wage war over on message boards far and wide. Mera's outfit is sometimes blue, sometimes green, but always ready to throw down in a fight alongside Aquaman. Though, to be quite honest, there will probably be a new topic to take its place not too long after the film drops. Such is the nature of fandom.

Aquaman rides the wave into theaters on December 21, just in time for the holiday season.

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