It Looks Like Shazam's Suit Will Be Different Than We Thought

There is an expression said among filmmakers that usually incites a somewhat frightening reaction: "We'll fix it in post!" While we've already seen Zachary Levi in the Shazam! suit, there's been some work done on the look of it that's yet to be seen. Personal trainer for DC/Warner Bros, Giacomo Farci, recently revealed the final suit will debut in the second trailer for Shazam! via an Instagram comment. Take a look:

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With another look at magnificent Shazam's suit in this tweet from DC Film Chambers, there's not too much too complain about. It's unmistakably Shazam's brightly-colored suit and emblem. However, the cast and crew have been open about the evolution of the suit over the course of production, and apparently, all the tweaks aren't finished yet.

After months of anticipation for the first look of Shazam!, it came just in time for the release of the first trailer during San Diego Comic-Con over the summer. As the film's director David F. Sandberg previously explained, when the first image was released, it didn't have any post-production done on it yet, so he decided to release the trailer without adding in all the changes in either. Fans did notice some slight alterations to the suit from the first look to the trailer, but it looks like there's still more to come.

As David F. Sandberg explained last month to fans on Reddit, he decided to change the fabric of Shazam's suit late in prep, so there wasn't any time to do proper tests on the suit. As a result, when the initial production was finished, the suit didn't look exactly as he wanted it to in some lights, particularly in scenes shot during the day. The suit still needs some final touches, including a finished bolt effect, which Sandberg said won't be extreme, but isn't the simple glow we've seen Zachary Levi in already.

Just how different Shazam's suit will be from what we've seen might not be as major as one would expect, considering all the details that a director might take into consideration that we might not notice. Per Giacomo Farci's comments, the suit "has been improved a lot," so we could be gazing on something obviously different than what we've seen too.

However, simply fixing a mistake in post-production doesn't always fare well for the finished product. Past DCEU entries have been criticized for including CGI effects not up to par with MCU films, most recently in Justice League. Since Superman star Henry Cavill was also filming Mission: Impossible Fallout, where he proudly showed off a mustache, Justice League erased the actor's facial hair in post to match the iconic clean-faced hero, leading to some wonky shots of Cavill.

Suit aside, Shazam!, which comes to theaters on April 5, 2019, looks like a fun and exciting addition to the DCEU.

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