Why Robin Wright's Wonder Woman 1984 Role Means A Lot To Her

Robin Wright's Antiope punching a German soldier in the face

In Wonder Woman, Robin Wright played the role of Antiope, the badass Themyscrian general who trained her niece Diana in combat. Despite the character's death in that film, the actress will again play Antiope in Wonder Woman 1984. Her role in the sequel film featuring the feminist icon means a lot to Robin Wright, as she explained:

It's going to be an iconic time: a little Wonder Woman in the vortex of this movement. And what Wonder Woman, who was created in the '40s, what does she symbolize? Justice and equality and speaking the truth. So to be a part of that enhancement, as Wonder Woman's general, it's so great.

Robin Wright was speaking to Variety in the context of a larger conversation about the Time's Up movement, pay parity and equality, and it's clear that she sees Wonder Woman 1984 as taking on extra significance in light of that. That Wonder Woman 1984 is arriving amidst these societal discussions and feminist movements is appropriate and it seems to mean a lot to Robin Wright to get to be a part of it as Antiope.

As Robin Wright mentioned, Wonder Woman was created decades ago, but what she symbolizes (justice, equality and truth) are all salient ideals that never go out of style. That's how a character that was created in 1941, in a film set in 1984, can feel relevant now in 2018 with today's social movements.

Robin Wright has been vocal on these issues and has advocated for more opportunities for female directors and pay parity. The actress seems to see Wonder Woman and what she symbolizes as helping to push that progress forward.

Robin Wright has a point too. The first Wonder Woman showed Hollywood that a big-budget superhero movie led by a female character with a female director can do just as well as the tried and true male-dominated blockbusters.

Now in the wake of Patty Jenkins' film, we are seeing the effect it has had, on the industry. Captain Marvel, Black Widow and Red Sonja are all on the way to further shatter the glass ceiling on the big screen.

So while Robin Wright sees Wonder Woman 1984 and her role in it as taking on greater meaning given the mood of the moment, I think for many of us, we are just excited to see Antiope back in action.

The character died in the first act of Wonder Woman, so that certainly raises some questions about how exactly she will be back for the sequel. Flashbacks seem the most likely way, but we also know that Chris Pine's Steve Trevor, who also died, will be showing up in 1984. So maybe Antiope will show up in the flesh as well, although I wouldn't expect to see her with a perm wearing neon leggings.

Wonder Woman 1984 was just recently delayed and will now come out on June 5, 2020. Despite Wonder Woman moving out of next year's calendar, 2019 is still positively stacked. Check out all of next year's biggest movies in our 2019 release schedule.

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