The One Condition Dolph Lundgren Has For Returning To Creed III

Creed II Ivan and Viktor Drago look ready to fight

It's no secret that Creed II did some pretty good business during its Thanksgiving box office debut. But, as anyone who's seen a Rocky movie will tell you, there's almost always room for a sequel. And should Creed III happen in the near future, Dolph Lundgren has a special condition that he'd like the powers that be to keep in mind. Read said condition for yourself below:

Like I've said before, perhaps fewer lines in Russian please, because that almost killed me. Shooting at night, one two page scene in Russian, it's like 'I'm from Sweden.' ... Apart from that, I'd love to work with this guy again. And I would obviously love to work with Stallone again. He's a good friend of mine, and mentor, and a genius in many ways. And I think it'd be fun working together again.

While Lundgren and his co-star Florian Munteanu are not native speakers of the Russian language, both men certainly give their performances in Creed II their all. As Ivan and Viktor, the father and son team looking to give Michael B. Jordan's Adonis Creed and Sylvester Stallone's Rocky Balboa some hell in the ring, almost all of their dialogue is in the official tongue of the Motherland.

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Now obviously, any actor can work with a dialect coach over time to nail everything needed to put on as good of an effort as possible. But as Florian Munteanu pointed out in that same interview, a two page scene of Russian dialogue inside of Creed II was rewritten the day before it was set to shoot. So, naturally, this threw a bit of a wrench into the gears.

Other than that slight stumbling block, Creed III definitely seems like a prospect that Lundgren is game for, as is his on-screen son. In the case of Florian Munteanu, he certainly deserves a little extra credit for his effort, as Creed II marks the first major feature film he's starred in.

And judging by the conversation CinemaBlend had with them on the press day for Creed II, both men are excited at the prospect of another round of filmmaking as Ivan and Viktor Drago. You can see it in the footage shown below, as Dolph and Florian discuss the possibility, including that special condition:

There's certainly a lot of room for the Drago legacy to be explored in future Creed sequels, or even a spin-off series of their own. Considering how Creed II also brings back Ivan's ex-wife / Viktor's mother, Ludmilla, once again brought to life by fellow Rocky IV co-star Brigitte Nielsen, there's a lot of family issues that aren't quite settled when all is said and done.

While we'll have to wait and see if any further movement is made into future entries, Creed II is in theaters now, ready to entertain.

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