Sylvester Stallone Is Sharing New Images From Rambo 5 And We're So In

There are two characters Sylvester Stallone has returned to numerous times over the course of his career -- and much to my chagrin, neither one happens to be Lincoln Hawk from Over the Top. Instead, Rocky Balboa and Vietnam veteran John Rambo have grown and developed the most over the years, with the latter preparing to get a proper sendoff in Rambo V: Last Blood. The film has wrapped production, and Stallone now plans to share images from the movie on his social media as he gets fans excited for the release. He started with this one:

Stallone shares a Rambo V image of him on a horse

Now, what the heck is John Rambo doing on a horse? When last we saw him, in the 2008 movie named simply for the action hero, he was mowing down members of the Burmese army in a violent attempt to rescue POW's. However, in the closing scenes in 2008's Rambo, the wandering hero finally returned home, and was walking up a long driveway toward a ranch.

Here, watch for yourself:

From what we can tell about Sylvester Stallone's Instagram post, Rambo V: Last Blood will find the hero still on this ranch, living the retired life. We have been hearing bits of rumors regarding the plot of Last Blood, and it makes sense, given the title. From what we hear, the intent is to make this final chapter more of a small-scale drama, similar to what the initial First Blood movie was. In that film, Stallone played a veteran dealing with post-war stress who found himself at odds with a local sheriff (Brian Dennehy) as a difficult situation escalates.

In Rambo V: Last Blood, it is believed that John Rambo will be heading into Mexico to take on a powerful drug cartel. The film's Wikipedia page has a lot of details (which might be considered spoilery), but they talk about Rambo agreeing to rescue a friend's daughter from a cartel, with Adriana Barraza playing a character who is like a sister to Rambo -- and has worked on the family farm all her life -- and Paz Vega cast as a reporter who joins Rambo's crusade in this fifth and final mission.

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Will it really be the final mission? With Sylvester Stallone, you never can tell. He signed off on the heavyweight boxer in Rocky Balboa, only to reprise the role when Creed came along. So we will prepare to say goodbye to Rambo later this year... until he comes back.

Rambo V: Last Blood doesn't yet have a release date, but is expected in theaters in Fall 2019. Follow Stallone's social channels for photographic updates. And bookmark our 2019 release date calendar to see when all the big movies are coming to screens.

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