Watch Glenn Close's Adorable Dog Pip Upstage Her Spirit Awards Speech

Sweet little Pip Close was the true star of last night's Independent Spirit Awards (besides Aubrey Plaza), and hopefully fans see him at every event Glenn Close attends -- including the Oscars. The Wife star won the 34th annual Film Independent Spirit Awards' trophy for Best Female Lead. Close said she brought her dog Pippin as her "date" to the awards show, and he came on stage to steal his mama's spotlight during her speech:

All together now: Awwwww. This is the kind of thing that can happen (and should happen all the time) at the low-key Independent Spirit Awards, but will Glenn Close bring Pip to the Oscars tonight? That's still a question mark as of this writing.

Glenn Close is the frontrunner to win Best Actress, since she's won most of the major awards during the 2018-2019 awards season. (Sorry, Lady Gaga fans.) Believe it or not, this would/will be her first Oscar win, after seven nominations. But the true winner of the weekend is already Sir Pippin of Beanfield, as he's known on his own Instagram account. Yes, of course little Pip has his own account, including this video narrated by Glenn Close -- and featuring her The Wife co-star Annie Starke -- on her way to the Spirit Awards:

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In case you're wondering, yes, they did let Pip on the red (actually blue) carpet:

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Just a king and a queen, slaying the blue carpet. (Pip looks like he's not sure why Mom wore that crinkly suit, but I might just be projecting.)

If you check out Pip's Instagram account, you see he's no stranger to public appearances. He went with Glenn Close on The View, and seems to charm everyone everywhere he goes. Celebrities do love to show off their pets, although not everyone would probably get away with bringing their dog on stage. You have to be as respected as Glenn Close. (Or maybe as feared as John Wick. Who'd tell him not to bring his dog on stage?)

The 91st Academy Awards airs tonight (Sunday, February 24) at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. See if Glenn Close wins Best Actress, and -- if she does -- if Pip is there with her again. And check out the full list of nominees in all the major categories. Then head back to CinemaBlend later tonight to get the full rundown of winners and other noteworthy Oscars 2019 events. Then we'll do this all again next year, as some of the films coming out in 2019 head back to the stage to accept more awards!

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