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Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

When Captain Marvel hit theaters, it was far from a shock that the movie made money. That's pretty standard for Marvel Studios at this point. However, exactly how much money it was going to make, nobody could be quite sure. Nearly two months later, the answer is, quite a lot.

In its seventh weekend of release Captain Marvel hit another major box office milestone by breaking the $400 million mark in domestic box office totals. When combined with the nearly $700 million the movie has made overseas, that brings its global number to just short of $1.1 billion.

Captain Marvel actually made more money this past weekend than it did the weekend previous, even though it was on 300 fewer screens, coming in at over $9 million. It also jumped up to being the fourth highest grossing movie of the weekend. It's never been lower than the sixth spot since it opened.

Basically, Marvel has owned the box office for the last two months, and that's not going to stop with Avengers: Endgame set to debut this Friday.

Considering how strongly Captain Marvel is still performing, it will be interesting to see how the movie performs next weekend. Many of those who have been going to see Captain Marvel may be doing so to make sure they're caught up on the MCU before Endgame hits. Once it does, all attention will probably shift there.

It makes one wonder if Marvel Studios is currently wishing it had released Captain Marvel earlier in the year so that it could have made even more money before Endgame came out. The movie is only $12 million short of overtaking Wonder Woman at the domestic box office. It might have had an easier time doing that without another Marvel movie to compete against.

While Captain Marvel hasn't done nearly as well as Black Panther did domestically last year, the newer film has a slight edge over Panther internationally. Either way, both movies have been tremendous hits. Captain Marvel is the highest grossing movie of the year both domestically and internationally by a wide margin. While that will almost certainly change over the next couple of weeks, Marvel will be more than happy to see its current number one replaced by its new number one.

The fact that Captain Marvel not only started strong but has had legs that have kept it going for the last two months is great news for Marvel. While we still have no idea what's in store for us in the next phase of the MCU, the expectation is that Captain Marvel as a character will be a big part of the future, the fact that the movie has done so well is an indication that the audience is on board with that idea.

And since Captain Marvel as a character will still be a part of Avengers: Endgame, the character will be at the center of the two highest grossing movies of the year very soon.