The 10 Funniest MCU Characters, Ranked

The following will spoil some jokes from Avengers: Infinity War and associated plot elements.

Marvel's superhero universe has been dealing with some fairly serious events of late, but that hasn't stopped them from using a little humor to lighten the mood. In fact, the entire cinematic universe is pretty damn funny. From the first moments that a sarcastic Tony Stark introduced us to the MCU, we've been laughing as much as we've been cheering at the heroics of our favorite superheroes.

With Phase Three of the MCU now heading toward its finale, and the vast majority of the characters having been introduced, it's time to review the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe and decide just who the funniest person really is. Here's the CinemaBlend ranking of the 10 funniest Marvel heroes.

Captain America The Avengers

10. Captain America

Steve Rogers certainly isn't funny in the way that most people on this list are. He's not a guy who has one-liners at the ready to fire off like an Iron Man missile barrage. However, Captain America is just so damn earnest that he ends up being unintentionally funny. Most recently, this was Cap's introduction to Groot in Avengers: Infinity War, that had the red white and blue boy scout introducing himself by saying "I am... Steve Rogers" like he was saying "I come in peace." In addition, we have the endlessly memeable "I understood that reference" moment from the first Avengers movie. Steve doesn't know how funny he is, which is why he's so damn funny.


9. Rocket

The Guardians of the Galaxy movies are, by design, funnier than most of the rest of the MCU, and yes, most of the members are on this list. Rocket became a fan favorite early on thanks to his excessive love of violence (only the in the funniest way, of course), and his unexplainable desire to take possession of other people's body parts. He has Peter Quill steal a guy's artificial leg in prison, ostensibly because it is needed for the escape plan, only to discover later it was just something Rocket thought would be funny. He has vowed to get the Winter Soldier's new arm. We'll have to wait and see what comes of that.


8. Scott Lang/Ant-Man

When you let Paul Rudd be funny, you're playing to his strengths, and he's the main reason Ant-Man is an underrated Marvel movie. He plays the hero well, but he's the most "fish out of water" of any of the MCU's main characters, which opened up plenty of opportunities for him to be silly in Ant-Man as well as Captain America: Civil War. Listening to Scott Lang crash into a door is never not funny. Hopefully, he'll get even more chances to be hilarious in the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp. Also, special shoutout hero to Luis (Michael Pena), who isn't a Marvel hero, but is just damn hilarious.


7. Peter Parker / Spider-Man

A quick wit has always been a key hallmark of the Spider-Man character, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe version is no exception. He's still a young Spider-Man, so he's perhaps not quite as sardonic as he could be, but his "hey, you guys aren't really the Avengers" bit to a group of bank robbers in Spider-Man: Homecoming is absolutely perfect. His humor is a defense mechanism due to his insecurity over the whole "hero" thing, so it fits perfectly for the character. As he becomes a more confident hero, we expect the jokes will only come faster. We can't wait to see what "really old movies" inspire him next.


6. Thor

To be sure, giving Thor the Taika Waititi treatment in Thor: Ragnarok made the character a lot funnier than he had been previously, but Thor has actually been pretty funny since day one. His origin story movie saw the Asgardian stranded on an alien world, and the way he reacted to it, like shattering his coffee mug on the floor of a diner to signify he was ready for more, was some solid comedy. Avengers: Infinity War showed us we're going to continue to get a funny Thor. His interaction with the "rabbit" Rocket was some of the best comedy in the new film.


5. Peter Quill / Star-Lord

Peter Quill is a kid of the 70s and 80s who grew up among space aliens. That setup is already a recipe for comedy, but the fact that Quill never really "grew up" at all is the thing that makes him really funny. Who else would contemplate a dance battle with a Kree warrior who was wielding an Infinity Stone? Of course, Peter Quill has matured over the course of the MCU, but that hasn't made him any less funny. He's always got a quip ready when the opportunity arises and if that's not enough, he can just give Thanos the Mad Titan the finger.


4. Loki

Thor might be pretty funny, but he's not the funniest of Odin's children. For that, you need an actual trickster god. Loki gets bonus points because being evil and funny tends to be even better than being a hero, if only because it makes you actually enjoy the bad guy a bit more. Most of Loki's humor comes from the fact that he's so sure he's better than everybody else, which means everybody else gets condescending jabs from him. He's also got a perpetual smirk which tells you that even when he's not telling you he's better than you are, he's still thinking it.


3. Shuri

Shuri may be one of the newest members of the MCU, but she became one of the funniest almost immediately. "Don't scare me like that, colonizer" is a line worthy of being near the top of this list all by itself, but that's only the beginning of what Shuri gave us in Black Panther. Many would agree she stole the movie away from her brother and her great lines were a large part of why. We hope she's survived Avengers: Infinity War because I'm pretty sure Avengers 4 is going to need some jokes to take the edge of the otherwise serious story.

Tony Stark

2. Tony Stark

Robert Downey Jr. is responsible in a major way for the entire success of the MCU, and much of that is because of how much fun audiences had with Tony Stark. His wit is so razor sharp it could count as one of the weapons in the Iron Man suit. Even when staring down the barrel of killer space aliens he still chastises Bruce Banner for embarrassing him "in front of the wizards." Tony isn't laughing much at the end of Avengers: Infinity War but we figure once he recovers, he'll be giving Thanos both barrels of his humor as well.


1. Drax

Drax would probably be the last person to tell you he's funny, but then, that's part of the joke. The man's inability to get any joke, because they are so often not literal, is part of what makes him so damn funny. Of course, when he practically drools over Thor, it's hard to not see the humor in that, even if he is being entirely honest, and accurate. I certainly hope we won't be without him too long in Avengers 4, his bits of Infinity War were some of the funniest in the film, and the funniest we've seen from Drax in three movies. The next movie will be missing something without him.

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