Avengers: Endgame Already Passed Titanic In Its Second Weekend, Only Avatar Remains

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Well, that was quick! So much for "Never let go," eh, Titanic? Someone needs to get James Cameron on the horn to ask him about Avengers: Endgame. It took the Marvel Studios film just two weekends to topple one of JC's top-grossing films, with an eye on his other, the highest-grossing film of all time -- Avatar.

James Cameron may not care at all, it's not like he has anything left to prove. But wow! Avengers: Endgame just keeps topping expectations when the expectations were already high.

Endgame made over $1 billion in its first weekend at the worldwide box office, and it just topped over $2 billion for its second weekend. The current global tally is $2,188,698,638.

That just squeaked it past Titanic, which had a worldwide gross of $2,187,463,944. You're right, that's not adjusted for inflation. It's not comparing the exact number of tickets sold.

But it does move Avengers: Endgame up the list to dethrone Titanic as the #2 highest-grossing movie of all time. After two weekends. Only Avatar remains.

Avatar is well within reach now, despite naysayers. That doesn't mean it will be easy or happen next weekend. Don't bank on it -- unless you want to, since watching this play out in real time is pretty fun.

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Avatar's worldwide gross is $2,787,965,087. That's the most total money a movie has ever made at the theatrical box office. As you can see, Endgame is still about $600 million behind Avatar. Definitely doable. When? Eh. I'll say by the end of May, but that could be off.

There's a lot of competition coming to the box office pretty soon, from Detective Pikachu and John Wick 3 to Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Toy Story 4.

There wasn't much competition at the box office this weekend, which is why Endgame's domestic tickets "only" dropped -59.2% from its massive opening, with a still crazy impressive per-screen average of $31,275.

I can feel people arguing that it's not fair to compare grosses without adjusting for inflation. If we do that, at least for domestic ticket prices, Gone with the Wind is number one, followed by the first Star Wars, then The Sound of Music, E.T., and then Titanic. You don't get to Avatar until #15 and Avengers: Endgame is currently at #74. But that's just domestic, and just so far for Endgame, per Box Office Mojo figures.

We ran a poll last weekend asking if Avengers: Endgame would pass Avatar. Most fans said yes, and I think that case just got stronger. So let's turn the conversation to when and how much for the total worldwide gross. Is $3 billion in the cards? You tell me how much, and when.

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