Avengers: Endgame Is Expected To Pass $2 Billion This Weekend

Avengers: Endgame cast in spaceship

Everyone and their grandma went to see Avengers: Endgame last weekend and they must have seen it twice. Marvel's grand finale to the Infinity Saga is destroying every box office record that it comes across, reaching $1 billion worldwide in just one weekend. It's a straight up cultural moment, and it's not done yet. Endgame is on track to take home more than $2 billion by the end of its second weekend.

A sophomore slump doesn't seem to be in the cards for Marvel's latest blockbuster. Endgame is already the 12th highest grossing film domestically, having collected $514 million since it released in theaters on April 26. From Monday to Thursday, it grossed $117 million domestically, topping several single-day release records along the way.

Internationally, the film added $100 million just on Thursday, lifting its overseas total to a current $1.4 billion as of Saturday morning. Globally, Endgame is currently sitting at a total of $1.91 billion, making it the fifth highest grossing film in history, behind only Avengers: Infinity War, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Titanic, and Avatar.

With practically zero competition this weekend (unless Ugly Dolls is about to pull off the greatest upset in history), passing the $2 billion milestone is well within Endgame's reach. According the Deadline, the superhero epic could pass the benchmark by the end of Saturday. This would make Endgame only the fifth movie in history to gross over $2 billion.

However, the real question on industry analysts' minds is whether Endgame can surpass Avatar to become the highest grossing film of all time. It sounds like people are remaining cautious on the subject. There's never been a film like Endgame and it blew way past initial projections during opening weekend.

That huge opening weekend total will likely lead to a second weekend drop off within the range of 55-57%, according to Box Office Mojo. That's about in line with how Infinity War performed. The real test, however, will be how Endgame performs in the coming weeks when things get a lot more crowded.

Avatar had the advantage of opening in December, so it had ample room to stretch its legs and earn the title it has held for the past decade. Endgame is right at the start of the much more crowded summer season. You've got films like Detective Pikachu, Aladdin, and Godzilla: King of the Monsters all looking for their share of the pie, and they are hungry as hell.

If there is any film that can topple Avatar right now, it's Endgame. It's practically a guarantee at this point that the movie is taking home $2 billion this weekend, and you can bet people are watching very closely for what will happen next.

Avengers: Endgame is in theaters right now, but you've probably seen it at least once by now. For everything else coming to theaters, here's our 2019 movie guide. Come back to CinemaBlend Sunday afternoon for our full May 3-5 weekend box office rundown with figures on Endgame's second weekend.

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